Summit Treestands
CO Unit 551
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delkslayr 07-Feb-18
hunterojc7 02-Mar-18
From: delkslayr
I am looking at trying to hunt Unit 551 this year. I am looking at it as a fun hunt to do with a friend that doesn't take 10+ points. Does anyone have any recent experience with the unit? I had heard there was a large die-off 10 or so years ago but didn't know how the herd recovered? Is it worth it to burn a couple of points to hunt? Any recent experience is greatly appreciated.

From: hunterojc7
my cousin and I went up there last year cause he drew it and was burning his points and we couldn't find a buck over 11-12" so he turned the tag in. I think if you could draw it for 1-2 points if it took more than I would say no.

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