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NH moose points
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ago0784 07-Feb-18
BC 07-Feb-18
Neubauer 07-Feb-18
lawdy 07-Feb-18
Trial153 07-Feb-18
T Mac 07-Feb-18
Fuzzy 08-Feb-18
From: ago0784
I have 12 how many do you have ?

From: BC
I have max, I believe that's 14 now. Got in on the first year. Only problem is the moose numbers have tumbled and so has the amount of available tags. Before you apply, check out the stats on the NH Fish and Game website.

From: Neubauer
I’m a resident and I have 12. I haven’t put in though. Kinda hoping they close it and I can retain my points for when the moose rebound. Who knows.

From: lawdy
I liv up in zone A. Have not seen a moose all winter. Saw where one walked through a deer yard I surveyed. On the Parmachenee Road abd Grant Road I usually see them licking the salt off logging trucks. Nothing this year. Last fall, driving down the 13 mile woods six days a week to coach, I saw only a dozen moose. Used to see 6-12 every day. There is talk up here of an even smaller allotment of tags this year. The moose moved in up here when we had a spruce budworm infestation in the early 60's. We had a tremendous salvage cut and processors and shears led to a boom in logging. With most of this area ultimately going to the feds, I predict the end of NH's moose herd as the feds don't cut. For the next 15 years they are cutting only 950 cords per year. That is 2 days with shear. Moose eat 30-40 pounds of browse a day. No cutting, no browse. There is alot of cutting going on 15 -25 miles in the Parmachenee towards Pittsburg. The fear is that those timberlands, once cut, will go to the feds.

From: Trial153

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From: T Mac
I had 6 but bailed when they kept cutting the allotment of tags and the population declined

From: Fuzzy

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