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From: Ben Farmer
Anyone get one yet and how do you like it?

The 6 inch brace height on that short of a bow has me a little worried??

From: Shawn
I did not buy one but shot one quite a bit. I will say it is very quiet and pretty dead in the hand. I shoot a ZXT which is a 28" ATA bow but a one cam bow. If I was really in the market for a new bow i may buy one but other then it not being as jumpy as my ZXT I did find it special. Shawn

From: Wishedhead
Shot it with the halon side by side and thier different but the same. Ive never had a bow so short and a 6” brace hieght. I shot them both stripped down no accessories and no stabilizer. No wrist sling shot it open handed and it fell out of my hand. Both were a huge improvement from my old reezen. In the end i bought the triax because of the ease of maneuvering in the high country and the potential for an overall lighter rig. Crazy quiet and plenty quick too! Now i just have to find time to set it up!!!!!

From: Ben Farmer
Thanks guys. Guess I'll have to shoot it but still a little Leary about those specs. I've only had one 6 inch brace height bow in my life and that was about 10 years ago. I got rid of it after a year cause I didn't shoot it very well. From what I'm hearing, the 6 inch brace height doesn't mean as much on today's bows as it did back then?? Decisions decisions!!

6” isn’t an issue. I have it and am learning to love it. Good luck

From: leftee
Had another bow in mind til I shot this one.Shot n bought.Smooth,fast and no regrets after shooting it a lot. If looking for a longer bow,I,d shoot the bowtech Realm X also.IMO both are sweet but I opted Triax. For what it’s worth,i’m pretty well connected to a large Archery shop(s) in Mn that handles almost every brand of bows. Most if not all employees opted for one of those 2.

From: ohiohunter
I think the string stops make the 6” bh liveable in regards to string slap, but for only 6” it felt very easy to shoot unlike the yesteryear’s 6” bh bows.

I will add, the weight on paper is off putting but in such a small package I really didn’t notice it.

That’s some solid intel Leftee.

The triax is awesome. I have never owned this short of a bow but after shooting it from a kneeing position along side the halon 32 the triax was a no brainier to me. Super quiet and easy to draw from that position. I tend to do a lot of spot and stalk and that has been a variable that i have started looking for in a bow for myself. I dont think you will be disappointed in the bow.

From: LesWelch
I'll have a review on Rokslide with it.

From: Ben Farmer
Well, I had my pro shop set up the Triax and the Halon 32. I shot them both on the range for about a half hour. After shooting both side by side, I went with the Triax. It just felt better in my hands! Time will tell if I made the right decision after I get out and start shooting it more at some longer ranges.

Thanks for the input guys!!

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