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johnst43 08-Feb-18
HFlier 08-Feb-18
From: johnst43
Does anyone have any knowledge on this outfitter? Thinking of booking an elk hunt with them.


From: HFlier
I got my first Elk with them last year, it was during first rifle though. Louie is the guy that runs it and I thought he was a great guide. His other guides seemed professional and hard working also. Beautiful area. They take some good bulls out of there. Food and accommodations are good. In archery season you will be high up for the hunt, be sure you are in shape. They do have some stands etc. for later in the season (1st and 2nd Rifle) if you aren't wanting to get up with the mountain goats. I want to hunt with Louie again in 2019, archery this time though. Louie was on the cover of Western Hunter magazine a few months ago with a big Muley he shot. Ron

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