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Elk Hunt in Grizz Country...good vid
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midwest 08-Feb-18
Bowboy 08-Feb-18
Norseman 08-Feb-18
APauls 08-Feb-18
Royboy 09-Feb-18
Barty1970 09-Feb-18
GotBowAz 09-Feb-18
radhunt 09-Feb-18
leftee 09-Feb-18
LINK 09-Feb-18
Pyrannah 09-Feb-18
ohiohunter 09-Feb-18
Pyrannah 09-Feb-18
Mark Watkins 09-Feb-18
yooper89 09-Feb-18
SBH 09-Feb-18
Michael 10-Feb-18
Beendare 10-Feb-18
From: midwest
Pretty cool Eastman's video in the Wyo backcountry.

From: Bowboy
Yep I've been in that country. Thanks for posting!

From: Norseman
Fantastic! Been there many times.

From: APauls
Very nice

From: Royboy
Yep big bears big bulls

From: Barty1970
Whilst there are a number of 'elk hunting in archery season in grizz country' videos out there, including a good one by Randy 'BigFin' Newberg, I found this video very infotain-tional [is that a thing?] as it shows the practical behind the theory; seeing a good shot on a great bull AND then seeing how the intel from the two fellas who know bear behaviour influences post-kill care of the carcass, as well as being 'bear aware' in setting up camp etc. Good luck and good hunting for this coming season...and if it's grizz country...let's be safe out there [and DON'T read the 'finding dead bodies in the woods' thread over in the Whitetail forum :-D ]

From: GotBowAz
Midwest, thanks for posting that great video! Have never had a desire to hunt grizzly country but I really like the style of hunting that country offered.

From: radhunt
That is a great video! Thanks for sharing

From: leftee
Great video.Was there many years ago..Buddy and I got our bulls and got out without incident.Very lucky cause we did near everything wrong,

From: LINK
Looking at his pack makes my shoulders hurt.

From: Pyrannah

From: ohiohunter
Pyr, if that doesn't get your blood cookin while waiting for WY results, nothin will!

From: Pyrannah
yeah definitely a cool video and i know where i do NOT want to be going.... lol

From: Mark Watkins
Awesome and informative!


From: yooper89
Great video!

From: SBH
Great video. Awesome country. How do you all know where exactly this is? Could be a lot of places in WYO?

From: Michael
That was a great video. I definely learned a few things watching it.

This past year was my first year of elk hunting in Grizz country. Returning to a carcass was definitely on my mind.

Since my bull was a relatively short distance from the truck as well as mostly down hill we took him out in one trip.

We had talked about being able to watch the carcass after the pack out. Do to where my bull died that was not an option. No safe distance to be able to see the carcass was available.

From: Beendare
That is some dry looking country......

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