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DonVathome 10-Feb-18
stick n string 10-Feb-18
t-roy 10-Feb-18
TD 10-Feb-18
ground hunter 10-Feb-18
TD 11-Feb-18
ground hunter 11-Feb-18
Tilzbow 12-Feb-18
From: DonVathome
Anyone ever use a hawk screamer to stop a running rabbit?

No, Used a benelli a time or two....

Interested to see the responses here, never heard of this

From: t-roy
I was sitting in a tree stand in Oklahoma one year, and had a covey of quail walk past me, feeding. I hawk-whistled at them, just to see what their reaction would be. They beelined it as fast as they could under the cover of a cedar tree.

From: TD
I have a "hawk scream" on my GSP's hunting collars. When the dog goes on point it senses no motion and the collar can either beep or scream depending on how you set it up. In theory it helps "hold" the bird. In all honesty I really don't know if it works any better than just a beep, but the pheasants don't flush when it first goes off. IMO it has some merit. But hard to prove as you rarely see them and what they are doing when the dog goes on point.

TD when my friends from SD came to hunt grouse, I told them to turn all of it off,,,, beeper collars and bells and the scream put them on edge,,,,,,

I have used the hawk scream, for squirrel hunting, them squirrels will start to bark, because of it, not all the time, but a lot of times, to give them selves away

From: TD
Here it's either beep or scream or have no idea where your dogs are when they go on point. It's set to only make a noise on point, quiet otherwise. Think thick brush mountain mule deer country at 4 to 7 thousand just catch glimpses of your dogs when hunting, sometimes only across the gulch on the other side. All the grouse I've hunted (sharpies mostly) tend to sit pretty tight. These pheasants and chukar run or wild flush alot. They know the dogs are there, no matter bells or beeps. I do think the scream holds em to a degree.Rabbits.... I have no idea.

I hear ya TD,,,, I hunted the west a lot, from chukars to pheasants and sharpies,,,,, I was referring to ruff grouse in the UP............................ I think Blood Trail from Wisconsin could add some opinion, he hunts rabbits with his own personal hawk,,,,,,

From: Tilzbow
I have the same or similar collar as TD but turned the hawk screamer off and only use manually once or twice when the dogs first get birdie. Seems to help keep the chukar from running some. I can’t say it works any better than the motion detection mode but when that’s on it annoys me when it’s on when walking up on a pointing dog.

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