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Unit 13 for elk
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BlackMountain 10-Feb-18
swampokie 10-Feb-18
WapitiBob 10-Feb-18
LINK 10-Feb-18
splitlimb13 10-Feb-18
ohiohunter 10-Feb-18
bigeasygator 11-Feb-18
This will be a series of questions regarding elk hunting in unit 13, reading some of the past post I will tread carefully. I am new to elk hunting and New Mexico, drove through the state this past summer with the family and a out west swing and hit 17 states total, out of all the states something is drawing me back to NM for a hunting trip. So I have 3 areas picked out in my application. 13,17, 34. My first question is are these good units to hunt elk in? Second question to follow

From: swampokie
U should switch 13 and 34 in app order if that's the order u have em in. All good units and hard to draw.

From: WapitiBob
Yep and then plan on hunting somewhere else.

From: LINK
Yep your odd ms a probably something line 1 in 30 of drawing a tag with those choices, maybe less. All good units though.

From: splitlimb13
Swamp is correct in the order, and link is correct in his comment. Wapiti is probably the most accurate hahaha.

From: ohiohunter
Accurate assessment fellas. One last thing BM, if you’re dead set on NM 2018 you should probably start a cookie jar fund for a LO tag... or you could hide your tax return from the wife.

From: bigeasygator
Yup, and ditto what Wapiti said.

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