Zinke did good
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WV Mountaineer 11-Feb-18
Treeline 11-Feb-18
JTV 11-Feb-18
HDE 11-Feb-18
md5252 11-Feb-18

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I saw this over on Rokslide. Of course, its getting mixed reviews on that forum. However to me, it looks like hunters got a hopeful win Friday. Not sure as I haven't read anything specific on what's been proposed but, I'll take any positive to protect hunting. Good to see hunting take priority in the big picture. And, I'll assume some of his previously questioned appointees had some influence in this. (Keep Hammering Cam). All in all, give it a hooray until given reason not to. God Bless men

From: Treeline
Yes. Mr. Zinke is on our side.

From: JTV
It sure is nice having an administration that supports hunters and wildlife management, rather than a anti-2 A dweeb in there like Obama or even Worse..... Clinton ..

From: HDE
Not a popular guy amongst [some] Utahns...

From: md5252
Interesting. We shall see...

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