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Camcorder- looking for suggestions?
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Hunt98 11-Feb-18
molsonarcher 11-Feb-18
Arrowhead 11-Feb-18
StickFlicker 11-Feb-18
Ollie 12-Feb-18
From: Hunt98
I'm looking to buy a camcorder (not a GoPro type) for hunting bear, deer and turkey. Features that I'm looking for: -Low light videoing -Optical zoom -SD Card recording -Quick startup time -Remote control -Image stabilization -Small and light weight

Do you have any suggestions that might work?

From: molsonarcher
Canon Vivian hf g40. Get the package from Campbell cameras. I’ve had mine bear, antelope, whitetail, and coues hunting. Smaller camera, excellent video quality. Fits well in my backpack for carry on and packing to stands. Get a tree arm and a good tripod. You won’t be disappointed. Pm if you like for more info

From: Arrowhead
I buy the Canon Vixia series camera's very small and awesome quality. The Vixia HR - 300 and the 500 are both camera's I own. With the HD/SD card 32 gig and a two hour battery, it's hard to go wrong. Google: "Refurbished Canon Camera's" Bought my last one for $120.00.

From: StickFlicker
I too have liked the Canon Vixia cameras and have owned and use a couple different models. One additional thing to consider when selecting a camera is noise. My favorite camera, for picture quality, is noisy when it turns-on and noisy when you zoom in and out. It even records the sound on the video, which means I have to edit the zoom parts out usually, or play music over them. When I expect the game to be close, I have sometimes chosen to use the quieter Vixia cameras instead of the better picture (like this year's mule deer), so I didn't risk spooking the deer. Make sure to buy AND USE a tripod or tree mount device. It makes a WORLD of difference in the quality and watch-ability of your video. I tell people this all the time, and many take a tripod, but few actually use it. They try to hand-hold it, or have a friend do it. Then they bring me this roller coaster ride of a video and want me to edit it into something watchable where the viewer won't get nauseous!

From: Ollie
Panasonic makes an excellent video cam for about $1000. Canon and Sony are very good as well. Do you want/need 4K capabilities? Suggest you google camcorder reviews and see what camera experts think of the competing models as they pass the cameras through identical tests which permits an unbiased side by side comparison.

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