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cleaning mounts
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grubby 12-Feb-18
Rock 12-Feb-18
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DoorKnob 12-Feb-18
Buyse 12-Feb-18
bow assassin 12-Feb-18
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Buyse 12-Feb-18
BigOk 12-Feb-18
'Ike' (Phone) 13-Feb-18
MathewsMan 13-Feb-18
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ground hunter 14-Feb-18
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Scrappy 29-Sep-20
PK 03-Oct-20
From: grubby
I'm just finishing up a drywall project. My entire house is covered in a fine film of dust. I'm going to be taking everything down and giving it a good cleanup. Does anyone know any good products to clean them up and keep them looking good?

From: Rock
I take mine outside and blow them off with my air compressor then wipe them down with a cloth and hair sheen which I get from my taxidermist.

From: Marvin J
Rock has it exactly right. I take my mounts down once a year and blow them off with approx 25 # compressed air to clean and then wipe with heavy amount of hair sheen on a terry cloth towel. Keeps my mounts looking great and some are over 30 years old. Makes a huge difference when people come over to see quality taxidermy.

From: DoorKnob
Oil less compressure might be a good idea. all I ever did was vac with the brush attach and sno seal nose.

From: Buyse
I swear someone said you could use wd-40. Anyone else hear of that. Spray on a rag and wipe down....

Buyse I know some trappers put WD-40 on their pelts to give them a nice sheen. Never tried it myself I was afraid it would effect the grade.

From: Franklin
WD is a universal can use Rubbing alcohol or odorless Mineral spirits too. Don`t go heavy with Hair sheens just use a little....too much and they will actually collect the dust and dirt....just like soaps will.

From: Buyse
Interesting Bow assassin. I believe a taxadermist told me that a few years ago. I might try it.

From: BigOk
X2 on Oderless mineral spirits.

Once a year, I take 'em outside and blow them off, and wipe horns and such down, clean the bases etc....

From: MathewsMan
Horse Sheen is the same stuff the taxidermy places sell. I use a q-tip with a dab of glass cleaner on the eyes every so often in addition to the blowing them off once in a while. I notice if I put the sheen on the rag and wipe too moist, that on the dark capes like Moose some crystals show up in the lighting on the animal... It makes them shiny be careful not to overdo it.

We do not have forced air in our home or my game room, but still get a bit of dust since we live on a dirt road.

From: buzzctman
Wipe them with a slice of white bread

Paint brush sans paint.

From: Halibutman
I use windex. Works great. Super cheap. No problems with residue and a nice looking mount.

From: Genesis
I will hit mine with a little permethrin to keep dermestids in check also

From: grubby
thanks guys. for the record, I did not leave them in a construction area. anyone that has ever done drywall work knows that it seems to find its way throughout the entire house. i'll be happy when I'm completely done with this job. White bread? really? I bet the swiffers would work well. permethrin isn't a bad idea, all bugs love taxidermy. I did run into my taxidermist and he recommended "cowboy magic" which I think is horse sheen?

good tips,,, wish I used permathrin on a bear mount of mine, I lost at a cabin due to bugs

From: olebuck
i'm a taxidermist.

i will give you my "mount treatment" recipe. i treat all my mounts with this annually. and every mount that leaves my shop get this. If they are dusty - wipe them off or blow them off before applying.

1 bottle of rubbing alcohol 3 table spoons of horse conditioner ( skin so soft is better but harder to get) 1 table spoon of permethrin 1 teaspoon of citronella oil

put it in spray bottle and shake it up. lightly spray the hair and brush it in.

From: ahunter76
I use a feather duster & then wipe down with a damp cloth. I have some mounts 50+ years old & in great shape.

From: Knife2sharp
Instead of an air compressor to blow them off, why not a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment?

From: Scrappy
I use the leaf blower on mine then wipe down with damp clothe. I have to take them outside first, the wife won't let me fire up the leaf blower inside for some reason.

From: PK
my taxi says use horsesheen, that's what he uses and they look great.

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