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Lion Poacher eaten Africa
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From: hmaxims

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Lion Poacher eaten by lions in Africa. BBC story

From: Sean D.
I love how they know nothing about what happened, but automatically assume he was a poacher. Get the facts first!

From: kscowboy
I’d rather they call him a poacher than the default term used more often, “hunter.”

Sean D., it appears you’re the authority on the subject but correct me if I’m wrong--it’s fairly easy to identify a poacher in the bush.

Armed native man in a park/near park not wearing a uniform?

Tattered clothes often worn by natives?

Armed man in a hunting concession he doesn’t own?

Inexpensive rifle commonly carried by poachers?

Cheap, military surplus ammo not used by hunters in his possession?

I could go on and on but your comment shows your ignorance. I’ve encountered poachers in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Trust me, they aren’t that hard to identify.


From: Woods Walker
Lion's gotta eat too!

From: Dotman
Isn’t hunting not allowed in the Park?

From: Fuzzy
Sean D, the fact is, he was a poacher.

From: Buffalo1
Dangerous occupation. High Worker's Comp insurance premiums.

From: TD
Did he have a name? If you have a name you get a great deal more sympathy on social media.......

I see where Xanda, Son of Cecil, got shot too. He had a name......

From: Jaquomo
I'm sure Poachy Poacherson had a family that was struggling to survive due to the oppressive policies forced upon his culture by greedy capitalistic white Americans who voted for Trump.

Maybe we Bowsiters should start a GoFundMe page to help his wives and kids?

From: South Farm
Regardless of what or who he was, the fact remains he won't do it again;)

From: Newhunter1
I hope the lions didn't get sick from eating the local garbage. Poor lions.

From: Huntcell
Ad in the paper next day, Wanted hunting partner no fast runners.

From: wilhille
You guys sound like animal rights activists.

From: TrapperKayak
Poachers suck, tooth for a tooth. Legal hunting is the only acceptable method, so he got what he deserved. Ask any South African PH...

From: Fuzzy
willhille, no we sound like hunters. Hunters despise poachers.

Talked to a PH at the SCI show who said the guy was the 'fat guy" out of the three...skinny buddies where able to climb a tree...fat guy not so... and they heard their buddit being ripped apart and eaten just a few feet away and tired to start fires in the tree to attract anti poaching patrol... they said when they found what was left it was only a skull and it looked like it had been outside for a year licked clean!!!!

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