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Southgate 12-Feb-18
Jaquomo 13-Feb-18
Tyler 13-Feb-18
From: Southgate
I’m headed to Australia at the end of March to meet up with a friend of mine and I’ll be taking my bow because he knows a couple guys with private land. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my New South Whales hunting license?

From: Jaquomo
I hunted NSW and Queensland a couple years ago, and if you're hunting private land no license was needed. Only to hunt on public land.

Good luck and take lots of arrows. And watch out for the snakes and spiders..

From: Tyler

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What Jaquomo said is incorrect. It depends what you intend to hunt in NSW. deer hunting requires a license on all lands if only hunting private land I believe its a "G" license you need. here is a link with more info for you

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