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Wooltimate update
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pointingdogs 13-Feb-18
Mule Power 14-Feb-18
Fuzz 14-Feb-18
From: pointingdogs
I ordered the "hooded pullover" that was on sale last month from Cabelas. The e-mail stated that it was backordered. Yesterday an advertisement shows up on my cell phone advertising the "hooded pullover" on sale. I called Cabelas and asked why advertise when they are backordered. The lady says: "let me check your order". She then tells me: "that item was canceled from your order last month" (little did I know). So I took a chance and ordered the "hooded pullover" yesterday. Today I get and e-mail that it has been shipped. If any of you ordered that item you might want to check your order status or re-order. Good luck.

From: Mule Power
Same exact thing happened to me with the pants. Cancelled without notice. So on a whim I reordered and they shipped.

Things were better when Jim or Dick answered the phone.

From: Fuzz
Same here w the unknown cancelled order. Just reordered's on da'way!

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