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Last Day Lynx!!
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Ambush 15-Feb-18
Charlie Rehor 15-Feb-18
t-roy 15-Feb-18
Marty 15-Feb-18
No Mercy 15-Feb-18
BigOk 15-Feb-18
MTNRCHR 16-Feb-18
skinner creek 16-Feb-18
Brotsky 16-Feb-18
Ambush 16-Feb-18
M.Pauls 16-Feb-18
Rock 16-Feb-18
APauls 16-Feb-18
Paul@thefort 16-Feb-18
Bowboy 16-Feb-18
KSMike 16-Feb-18
BULELK1 17-Feb-18
From: Ambush

Ambush's embedded Photo
Ambush's embedded Photo
My hunting partner texted me this morning that he saw a lynx sunning himself on a hillside not far from his house. Last day and I have a tag! Quickly gather some stuff and head out. And darned if I didn’t find him , sleeping on top of the deep powder snow. I got to twenty seven yards when he heard me. He was facing away looking over his shoulder. I figured he’d sit up and give me a great shot. Nope! He jumped up and buggered off.

I went to my buddy’s house to visit. I had a call and spinner decoy with me so he suggested we go try a couple of setups. We hiked down a skidoo trail and setup in a place with some visibility. After about five minutes my Buddy whispers “ lynx running down the skidoo track”. I get turned around and in a couple of minutes I see the cat slowly moving towards us. I slowly come to full draw just before he stops in a small opening almost head on, a little over twenty yards , I guess.

The arrow flies and the cat jumps, spins and heads out, but floundering. We dash over and I put one more through the chest. The first arrow endo’d him, breaking the front shoulder and coming out and opening his whole opposite rear leg.

Pretty cool day, considering I thought I’d be painting a spare room.

Gotta be “once in a lifetime”! Congrats and Enjoy!

From: t-roy
Wow! Congrats on a great trophy, Rod!

Gonna do a full body mount of him sneaking up on your javelina? ;-)

From: Marty
That's awesome! Congrats

From: No Mercy
Wow! Congrats!!

From: BigOk

Very cool. Congrats!

that is great, Ambush that doesn't happen very often, good job. . Yes arrows are a taxidermist nightmare on lynx. Most of my archers say perhaps I should have used a 22.

From: Brotsky
That's awesome Ambush! You've had a heckuva year, or maybe this is the start to another great one! Congratulations!

From: Ambush
Thanks guys! 2017 was great and 2018 has started out awesome too.

I always have a lynx tag in my pocket, but for some reason never get around to actually trying to target one. I've seen them while hare hunting in the winter, but they are quick little buggers. Had one come under my tree stand a couple years ago, but in that surprised instant I wasn't sure the season was open yet. It was.

Seems like some areas have a very good population of hares still and the lynx are in lock-step with their numbers. Right where I am, there are few rabbit tracks and no coyote or lynx tracks. Ten miles away, where my Buddy lives along a river valley, tons of hare and he has seen several different lynx and happily very few coyote tracks. Very deep powder snow has to be hard on the canines. unfortunately hard on deer to.

Haha Doug. Yeah, that big mechanical got a good start on case skinning him. Not the head I would have chosen for lynx but in the hurry to get going, I just grabbed what I had spun up.

From: M.Pauls
Wow totally awesome. A friend of mine passed one up this year in the fall when it strolled last his stand, said he didn’t feel like shooting it. I think I looked at him a little sideways.

From: Rock
Rod, Congrads Nice start to the year with Javalina and now a Lynx. Must be nice to live in the "Great White North" where you have those opportunities.

From: APauls
WOW! That's pretty awesome - congrats Rod! That's got to be more rare than a wolf with a bow.

From: Paul@thefort
Some times a gift just drops out of heaven. And you were there to catch it. Nicely done.

my best, Paul

From: Bowboy
That's a great cat. Congrats!

From: KSMike
That's AWESOME! Congrats!

Very Kool indeed!!

Congrats man

Good luck, Robb

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