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mcurnow 17-Feb-18
From: mcurnow
i thought the owner rob was a friend. Last year (2017) with his help i drew a dream mule deer tag. We had our dates set to start the hunt. Rob called me and informed me his father wasn't feeling well and asked me to mail the tag back and he would be able to get the same tag in 2018. Without a blink i did what he said. i paid for the tag back in 2016 after my father and i had one of our best hunts ever with rob. Now for the past 6 months Rob has never responded to a voicemail, email or text. The sad part is i was recently given 2 deposits for future hunts with Nevada Outfitters. If you have any idea on where i can contact rob please call me at 816 536 2530.

best of luck

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