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Dries Visser Safaris' February Specials
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DVS 18-Feb-18
DOBBBD 27-Feb-18
From: DVS

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DVS's embedded Photo
You do not want to miss out on this month’s VALENTINE’S SPECIAL! Only valid for this month, to be hunted 2018!


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DOBBBD's embedded Photo
Just a regular Joe bowhunter from Alaska here...

Fyi, peeps dreaming of a fantastic Africa Safari: I brought my youngest daughter and four other friends to hunt w Dries Visser Safaris in 2016 and can honestly tell you that the attention to detail by these fine people is simply off the charts!

The quality of accommodations, food, hunting land (over 40,000 acres of BOWhunting only!) and trophy numbers and size simply cannot be matched. (My 16 year old shot six arrows and took six animals cleanly, while the rest of my pals killed pending #14 SCI Kudo and #7 Nyala and a monster Giraffe and Sable, plus every single animal my group took qualified for SCI book). Do your homework; don't go with just anyone. Pick an outfitter that is FOR BOWHUNTERS BY BOWHUNTERS!...DVS!

If you want SUPER high-quality ARCHERY only hunting over relaxed game that is never gun hunted...Dries Visser Safaris is the best and this extended Valentines Day Special is the buy of the lifetime!

Oh ya, putting my money where my mouth is...I already RE-booked with them for July 2019, when I will bring my oldest daughter and son in law (and four others), tying up the entire 5 star Citadel camp. (fyi-six hunters will reserve the entire property and camp exclusively!)

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