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Those of you who've been to Greenland?
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From: Mertyman
I’ve enjoyed reading all of the posts and seeing the pictures over the years and rather go back through all of the searches and re-reading everything, I’m hoping those that have been will respond here so we can all have the information compiled and condensed in one thread. Would you Greenland hunters be willing to answer the following questions in a short reply?

Time of year of your trip?

Bow specs? i.e. make, model, draw weight and length

Arrow specs? i.e make, model, and additional weights or inserts

Broadhead? make, model and weight

Did you take a backup bow? Yes or No


Rain gear?


From: mountainman
For me. I was there the first week of August. Elite energy 35. 70 lb at 28 inches. Arrows were Carbon express piledrivers with a 50 gr brass inserts. 125 gr 3 blade VPA broadheads. Total arrow weight 526 grs.

I did not take a back up bow.

I wore salomon boots. If you are just doing musk ox, I suppose you could get away with rubber boots. But if you go up after caribou, you will do some serious hiking and should have boots suited for it. I wished by boots were a little higher when we crossed a stream. Even with gaiters, I got alittle water in.

Rain gear, for sure. And make sure it's good rain gear. It didn't rain much, but the couple days it did, it was cold, soaking rain. One of those days I was up after caribou it was chilly, windy and rainy. A hiking pole really helped with balance getting up into the mountains(depending on route).

From: Stekewood
We were there in July. I used an Elite Synergy. 67 pounds with a 31.5" draw length. Arrows were Full Metal Jackets with 50 grain brass inserts and 125 grain Viper Tricks up front. 540 grains total and a complete pass through on my musk ox at 20 yards or so. Did not take a backup bow. I wore Schnees Bearclaw boots and they were great. Quality raingear is a must. I had Kuiu Chugach.

From: Neubauer
I was there first week of October. I wore Lowa boots. Rain gear is a must. Kuiu chagach as well. All gear was in fact kuiu to cut down on travel weight. No back up bow. I shot a Hoyt defiant at 71lbs 28”dL. Easton full metal jackets with 200 grain vpa solids. Arrow weight was like 550. Arrow blew through. You won’t shoot past 30 on the musk ox. Caribou shots can be out to 80+ depending on your ability. Hiking poles for caribou were important but not for Muskox. You won’t walk far for Muskox. Each of the four Muskox hunts lasted a whopping 1 1/2 hour max. Caribou is an all day exhausting hunt. Far more fun imo.

From: Mertyman
Thanks guys, hopefully the others will chime in as well!

From: Chief 419
I was there the last week of July in 2016. Mattews Monster set at 70 lbs, 28 1/2" draw. Arrows were Easton Full Metal Jacket Dangerous game with 75 grain brass inserts. Broaheads were Montec G5 100 grain CS. I didn't take a back-up bow. I had KUIU Chugach rain gear and never needed it. All clothing was KUIU. If you're going early for Muskox, you won't need the nsulated boots. I wore Columbia hikers even when climbing the mountain to hunt Caribou. I had 400 gr. Thinsulate Danner boots that I wore on the first day and didn't wear again. if you're going later in the year, ask the outfitter what he recommends for boots. Hiking poles are highly recommended if you're going after Caribou. My muskox hunt lasted all day and wasn't as easy as the other hunters in the group. You're in for a great trip. Bring a good camera and also GoPro your hunt. Bring a two piece fishing pole and put in your bow case. Bring plenty of lures also. You won't be going down to the local Sporting goods store on this hunt. What are your hunt dates?

From: Greg S
I was there second week of August. Bugs were brutal when it was calm. Shot a Chill R at 70lb 28 inches. Used 4mm fmj’s with double inserts and 125 solid broad-heads. Didn’t take a backup bow. Had Kenetrek boots. As others have alluded the musk ox hunting is pretty easy, but the caribou hunting is a mountain hunt. I had lightweight rain gear but never needed it. I think if you went September or October it would be more crucial. Be patient with the travel would be a tip I’d pass. It’s a ton of travel to get there and back.

From: Mertyman
Randy, not going until July 2019. I wish it were this summer, the wait is already killing me!

Leaving the first of April. I got my arrows up to 530 grains with arrow tubes. Can't wait for this... Ed F

From: bhunter
I went the last of September, My bow a hoyt carbon spider @ 62#s Arrow VAP with 90gr. inserts with paracord inserted in the shaft, 100gr Magnus stinger 4 blade. Total WT. with lighted knock 525gr. Sitka raingear Kenetrek boots and gaiters. had complete pass through

From: Drop tine
I was there in July same time as Stekewood. Hoyt carbon Defiant 61# , 26" DL, FMJ with 75 gr insert and 125 gr Silver Flame. I was a little concerned because of the lower draw weight and my short DL but it was not a concern. 13 yard shot, pass through with one of the ribs being sliced. No back up bow and I would't take one, especially if it was just muskox. Meindl boots. Core4Element rain gear. Not heavy duty but worked really well. Frank does have fishing rods there but it is nice to have your own. I just had a cheap telescoping one and it worked really well. If you are staying in Iceland for a few days before, there is an archery lane to get a few reps in. We got to Iceland 5 days before the hunt and drove around, it was fantastic.

From: Antler

Antler's embedded Photo
Bull down
Antler's embedded Photo
Bull down
I was there in July 2016 with Frank Feldman,s outfit. Bluebird weather with no bugs. Bow-Mathews Switchback LD at 65 pounds. Arrow was an Easton Axis fitted with a 75 grain spinning insert weighing in at 525 grains. Broadhead was a Bear Razorhead at 105grains. Shot distance was 15 yards through the heart. No backup bow taken. Boots- Danner Antelope- never got into wet walking conditions on the hunt. Cabelas raingear. I don't know whether they fixed this or not but when we went you needed to have your broadheads in a different piece of luggage than your bow when you entered Iceland customs. I would split them up into two locations. One hunter had his wife's suitcase impounded in Iceland when the scanner picked up the broadheads and the agent just stopped the suitcase from being forwarded to Greenland. Unhappy wife!! We did a two week farmstead bed and breakfast tour all around Iceland before we went to Greenland. Highly recommended. A very unique country.

From: LKH
Does landing in Thule for fuel after coming down from the North Pole count???

From: Shug
I’m heading up the first week of August as well. I’m a notorious over packer so I’m gonna have to get the weight down I assume.

I always bring a back up bow everywhere so I’ll have to cut weight down even more. I believe I read that 45# is luggage weight limit is that correct?

A question I have did anyone have any lost luggage problems?

From: Neubauer
No one in our group had luggage lost and we had to make our travel through Copenhagen from the states. We all had 50lb bags

From: PAstringking
Just remember that people at the airport are not familiar with compound bows and how they work....

we were asked to prove that our Hoyt compounds were "unloaded not ready to fire"

From: Mertyman
So did you just explain how a bow works, or did you use a zip tie so it couldn't be drawn, like they do in the big box stores?

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