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Colorado rifle deer with 14 points
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From: sptsman4
Colorado deer units 11, 6, 53 for rifle 3rd and 4th

I've got 14 NR deer points and am trying to decide between units 6, 11 and 53. Units 11 and 6 would be 4th season and 53 would be 3rd. I checked the forum for info on these units and there is some info on 53 but I can't find any on 11 or 6. Anybody know these units and willing to share some info on trophy quality and where to hunt? I'm looking for a 170+ deer (the one that's eluded me for 50+ years). Thanks

From: Thornton
I shot this one last year in a unit you mentioned. PM me this evening and I can talk.

From: cmbbulldog
That’s a stud, congrats.

That should pass 170!

One thing to consider is 9 days vs 5 days. Are you familiar with any of these areas? If not more time may be a good thing...

From: LKH
WW is right. Nothing beats time in the woods to improve success. I've got 18 NR deer and am looking at an early rifle (hi altitude). One of the reasons I don't want to go guided is that you are time limited.

From: St52v
We drew 6,161,16,171 with 7 pts last year for 4th season. Surely with 14 pts you could draw other units. I took my 73 year old father-in-law. We had a good hunt. No monsters, but what we wanted, Memories. Call me if you want. 412-974-8304

From: Treeline
The calendar creep will move 3rd and 4th foreword more out of the rut this year. Pay attention to the full moon as well. Pray for early snow! Last couple years have been tough with lack of snow moving the deer down even with much later dates.

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