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New Mexico Oryx hide quality
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Huntcell 23-Feb-18
jims 23-Feb-18
HDE 23-Feb-18
earlyriser 24-Feb-18
From: Huntcell
Is there a time of year that New Mexico Oryx hide (hair quality) would not be suitable to get a shoulder mount made from it? I understand they breed year round so there life cycle is not the same as other game animals in North America. Still is there a time of year they shed or not? Any one have experience with shooting one in May/April?


From: jims
Being an African animal with fairly thin/short hair I doubt if hair quality changes through the year. Their hide is super thick so make sure to bring a sharp knife...or 2! I saved the tail and rump section off mine and had it tanned. They have pretty wild tails similar to horses. When they swoosh their tails they are getting nervous and ready to run!

From: HDE
There is no difference what time of year.

Theu breed year round for survival, brought over from Africa. They'll go 8 to 10 yrs.

From: earlyriser
On the ones I have mounted, there is a noticeable difference. Hotter months produce shorter hair. Cooler hunts have longer least mine are that way. As far as quality of the oryx being mounted, no difference.

HDE, what does “they’ll go 8 to 10 yrs” mean?

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