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tobywon 24-Feb-18
reload 24-Feb-18
t-roy 25-Feb-18
LKH 25-Feb-18
tobywon 25-Feb-18
DMC65 25-Feb-18
bud 25-Feb-18
elkstabber 26-Feb-18
From: tobywon
Anybody have dogs that you specifically use to decoy coyotes? I've been watching Youtube videos and didn't realize people even did this and how effective it appears to be. Pretty cool to see how the coyotes and the dogs interact.

From: reload
Yes, very effective especially the next several months. I have used my lab a couple different ways. Whenever he was younger and not as solid on commands I would stake him down and set a FoxPro next to him. With the coyote howler running, my dog would peel his ears back and join in to the chorus. Not only do you have an audible, but a visual temptation for the coyotes. Once they commit and are in effective range, I kill the FoxPro and begin shooting. After my dog was extremely solid on commands, I would send him out across a field with the FoxPro already out there. Once coyotes responded or visually seen my dog, the game would begin. It got to be a game with my dog as he would literally lead them into me. It is worth noting that my dog has been around coyotes from an early age. I took him on my trapline and learned a ton from watching my dog. He knew by indescribable means on whether or not to approach different coyotes in traps. I did notice that pup coyotes generally coward down with their tails tucked between their legs. He would walk up to them and sniff there rear end. Others he would get out of the truck and simply do kick-backs and aggravate the coyotes. It is worth noting that your basically using your pet as bait as coyotes are very territorial this time of year. Female coyotes will allow domestic dogs to breed them if the male coyotes are not around. There are a lot of male dogs that go missing this time of year due to being "caught" by male coyotes. Once their pups hit the ground around the first part of April, they are still very territorial towards other canines. It is a lot of fun, but one must be very cautious about putting their pet in harms way. I've seen twice where coyotes continue to run into the gunfire focused solely on the dog. That will increase the pressure on you to kill your target! Good luck, and the best advice I can give is to educate yourself as much as possible before attempting. Educating coyotes can be detrimental to your success, but once it all clicks for you I guarantee you will be hooked!

From: t-roy
I’ve seen it on tv. Looks like a blast!

From: LKH
Shot a bitch off my deck 4 days back, saw 7 coyotes yesterday and 2 so far today all from my recliner. Trouble is they are across the Ross Fork Creek at about a mile and the snow is terrible. I worry about my 30 lb. Boykin when she goes out at night. Deaf and bad cataracts at 14. Thinks everything loves her.

I would guess you would want a bigger dog to try this.

From: tobywon
Pretty cool reload, thanks for insight on this unique method. LKH I would definatly keep a close eye on that old girl when she goes out with all those coyotes that you are seeing.

From: DMC65
I met a predator control guy in Wyoming who kills coyotes for his living. He has a whole pack of decoy dogs. I saw ten or so of them and the guy told me he was pretty new to using them. He also said that he is all in cause they are so effective. The breeds of dogs he's using are feists and currs. He has a county on the east side of the bighorns and two private ranch accounts where he is contracted to kill coyotes n other vermin. He told me that he expects those dogs to account for the majority of his kills in the near future . If I remember correctly he kills around 1500 coyotes a year. Interesting. I would like to see it work myself sometime.

From: bud
Some guys have had good luck using Kemmer Stock curs. They are a strain of mountain cur. Highly intelligent and bond with owner. I had couple that were good tree dogs .

From: elkstabber
Cool info Reload.

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