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Colorado GMU 76 Mule Deer
Mule Deer
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singlepin 01-Mar-18
Treeline 01-Mar-18
Buglmin 01-Mar-18
TEmbry 02-Mar-18
singlepin 24-Aug-18
BobH92057 06-Nov-18
From: singlepin
Hey everyone, I'm new to bowsite, but not to bow hunting. I'm a long-time resident of southwest Colorado and love to archery hunt mule deer. I'm planning to cash in my points this year on a unit 76 archery deer hunt, but the unit is vast and due to a new job and kid, I won't have as much time to scout as I typically do. I hunted elk there the year before the burn, but have visited the unit only for fishing since. I'm looking for some suggestions of specific spots from you guys who have hunted there recently and seen some good bucks, regardless of whether you were elk or deer hunting, so I know where to concentrate my scouting trips. I can offer specific hunting spots in units 74,75,751,77, and 78 for deer or elk in return. Thanks in advance for all your help.

From: Treeline
Hunt high and early. You will find some big bucks.

From: Buglmin
Depends on how deep you want to go, where you want to go in. Like you stated, its a big rugged unit, and it'll require effort to get in. Not every basin will hold a lot of deer, and the areas I know of require some serious hiking to get to.

From: TEmbry
How many points are you cashing in with out of curiosity? Looks like 6 points drew last season.

From: singlepin
I'm interested to hear about any area. No hike scares me. I spike camp the entire time I'm out anyway. Unfortunately I can't get out early, but I'll be there September 15-24. I'm hoping to get some info from the muzzleloader guys on their way out. I've been scouting there twice this summer. I cashed in six points for the unit. I've always wanted to shoot a mule deer in the back country with my bow and figured this was as good as any place to try. The bucks I've shot in 75 and 74 were low and coming off alfalfa fields. Every time I've been in the backcountry I've been hunting elk. I'm excited about the trip and can use all the help I can get.

From: BobH92057
Singlepin, how’d your archery hunt go this year?

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