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From: DonVathome
I’m sorry if someone already put this here. What do you think?

From: Bou'bound
so many things in life are a duel between the "facts" and the "optics". The facts in the article are right, good, and noble. The optics on rich guys spending more than some people's homes cost to kill the largest animal on earth, and animal that may be 40-60 years old, will never look anything other than unsavory at best to a large majority of people.

From: elkstabber

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Here is the link.

From: DG2
Most of people living outside of Africa could not care less about conservation or economics of Africa. So hunters definitely need to find better reasons for killing species like elephants and trophy hunting in general.

From: Owl
...“All of Zimbabwe’s hunting areas are surrounded by communities who are hungry for agricultural land,” Dr. Muposhi said. “If people see that elephants and lions no longer have value, they’ll kill all the animals and let their cattle use the land currently set aside for wildlife.”

..."But in parts of Botswana and elsewhere, big-game hunting can make or break conservation efforts.

“The macro argument about however many millions hunting brings into the country misses the point,” Mr. ’t Sas-Rolfes said. “What is relevant is what would happen at the micro level if you removed hunting.”

“My sense is the damage would be quite significant,” he added."

- Great points but, inasmuch as they are further in the article, I doubt the average reader will avail themselves of the information. Besides, the information is not as emotionally compelling as "a Cecil" story. The killing is going to happen whether unregulated or not. That's proven. Hunting monetizes it to the point management and sustainability are, at least, in the conversation.

Further, it really frustrates me that the world turns a deaf ear to the farmers, ranchers and other locals who have to live with these animals and their devastation(s). Pallid, mocha latte sipping hipsters should not be making policy for villagers living across the globe.

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