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From: Aubs8
Piggy-backing on the other thread... What brand/model trekking poles do you have in your pack?

Thanks. Mike

From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's Link
I just ordered these today. I wanted something as light weight as possible but with some adjust-ability. They also collapse down more than my previous poles.

I use a cheap Costco carbon set or an aluminum Easton set. I know we all have brands of gear we prefer but, don’t over think this one. I prefer a cork handle but as long as they’ll collapse and extend to small and go to long, they all work great. I’m sure somebody will be along to suggest a $130 pair. And, that’s fine if that’s what you want. But, it isn’t as if the expensive ones have reinvented the whell. The biggest hassle of any brand is their weight because if you are like me, you pack them until time to pack heavy. Don’t over think it man.

Leki corklites. I prefer cork handles and the cam-lock.

From: PECO

From: PECO
If you have an REI nearby, go there and check out the selection of top brands.

From: Stekewood
I have the Black Diamond contour elliptics. They are super stiff and are great when you've got the added weight of a full pack.

From: sschindler
hungry hiker seems to work fine

From: Inshart
Ordered mine today -........ "GO2gether - Hiker - Trekking Poles Telescopic Aircraft Aluminum Alloy (2 pack $29.99)"...... I'm just to damn cheap to spend that kind of money on trekking poles when I have other "stuff" I want / need more.

From: GLB
I use the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Corks. Light weight and strong.

From: Yasla
Leki Corklite as well. i figured i should only buy these once for many, many years so wasn't too bad for me.

From: COLOelkman
Costco poles for me too. $30 and I've used mine for probably 5 years now and just don't think you get a lot more with the expensive ones. I'd prefer the flip lock adjustment to the screw down ones that Costco carries but they still have worked just fine.

From: BTM
Thrift store $1/pair ski poles have worked fine for me for years. (Yes, I can be a cheap ba***rd at times. :) )

From: Kurt
Black Diamond 3 piece Aluminum with Flip-locks. Two pair, one shock absorbing, one without. I prefer the longest (145 cm) ones without shock absorbers as I sometimes pitch my tarp using the pole(s) and the extra 20 cm (8 inches) is nice. Also use the long ones for cross country ski poles, so they get almost all of the use. They are tough and if the flip-locks loosen slightly, it takes 2 seconds to adjust the Phillips head screws. They have nice straps as well. Not cork but don't mind the soft rubber grips (almost like a foam, but super durable). Good luck with your choice!

From: Trial153
Leki or Black Diamond, I like Cork grips, carbon poles amd rubber tips. I have one set that weights 17 for the pair,

From: jims
Sierra Trading has Leki's for around 1/2 price if you use a coupon code. I have a pair that's worked great for me!

From: kota-man
I use the same ones Lark posted the link for...Black Diamond Carbon Distance FLZ. They weigh nothing, pack down to nothing and flat out work. I have several sets (mostly Leki and Black Diamond) and the Carbon Distance are my favorites. The downside: they aren’t adjustable.

From: Overland
Leki Super Makalus with the ergonomic (angled) grip. Thousands upon thousands of miles, and the only thing I've had to do is replace the tips a few times. I personally really like the anti-shock feature, but it can be turned off if it is not to your preference.

From: Fuzz
I use a stick... sometimes TWO sticks if I'm feeling real badass-y.

From: bigeasygator
I have had a few pairs - Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Corks, Black Diamond Carbon Distance Z-lites, and Leki Carbon Varios.

Having used all of the above in the field, I’ve come to a few conclusions about trekking poles. The speed lock systems in the BD Carbon Distance and the Leki Vario are not as strong as the more traditional flip lock or twist systems. I broke both of my Leki’s about an hour into a goat hunt - they just couldn’t handle the rocks. It’s also nice to have an adjustable pair, versus the ones that are a fixed length. Lastly, I think a lot about trying to lightweight and used to apply that thinking to trekking poles. Now, after my goat hunt, I think about strength. The reality is if you have a heavy load and you’ll likely be carrying you poles in your hands and I can promise you you won’t notice a few more ounces. When you’re likely to be in hunting mode you usually aren’t under a heavy load so it really doesn’t matter if your trekking poles are a little heavier. With that said, I love my Black Diamond Alpine Corks and they are my go to set now.

From: Genesis
Just picked up an upstart cottage company Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles......$48. Reviews are good,build quality comparable to my sons black diamond trails for half the price.

From: Mark Watkins
Bigeasygator X 2. Had a carbon pole break on me once on a BC sheep hunt in nasty terrain, got lucky I didn't take a life changing tumble.

For backpack hunts, durability before weight. Like the Black Diamonds


From: JLBSparks


From: del_binari
I have black diamond, and an REI set. Yesterday I was in Costco and bought a pair of carbon fiber poles that look just like my black diamond poles. ONLY cost $30! Can't beat that.

From: Ucsdryder
I have the Costco ones. They are good for the price but they have a very hollow, cranky feel to them and make a vibrating sound when you use them. Kind of annoying but for 30 bucks they work.

From: Overland
I've put thousands upon thousands of miles on my Leki Super Makalus. I prefer the ergonomic/angled grip. Also a fan of the anti-shock feature, which can be turned on and off.

From: Ziek
I have Leki Makalu, and my wife uses Leki Cressida (same as Makalu except shorter). Cork grips, cam lock (twist locks are NOT as secure), and they make a camera mount for the grip so I have a monopod at all times with no extra weight. Not a fan of anti-shock. I want my pole plants to feel solid.

From: Amoebus
Head to REI and test them out. If you can lean on them and have the locks slip, they will be worthless in the field. I bought a pair for my pop after his knee surgery and DIDN'T do this test. One of them slips so he ended up duct taping it.

I ended up with a pair of the Black Diamonds that have a lock that look like the Leki Super Makalus someone mentioned above. Very nice in steep country while carrying out elk quarters.

From: sticksender
I've had good luck with the Black Diamonds with flip-locks. As a hint on aluminum poles....before storing them away for the year, I found it's a good idea to completely disassemble the sections so they can dry out thoroughly. When put away damp, the aluminum surfaces can oxidize. In addition to looking ugly, they'll no longer slide apart easily. I learned this the hard way.

From: SoDakSooner
Ive got some REI branded Carbon flip locks. They have held up well for two years. They don't get much of my business anymore due to political leanings, but the poles have been good.

From: Bullhound
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Corks for me. They really help a lot and the adjust ability is a real plus!

From: alexbgar
Leki Micro Vario Carbon max are my go to. They fold up into 3 sections and are lightweight and easily packable. Very study too

From: Aubs8
Thank you for your replies... went with the Costco poles...$45 Cascade Mountain Tech 100% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles with Cork Handles


From: TD
Black Diamond Ergo (angled) corks. I really like the angled grips, very adjustable, flic locks. Tough. Have had no issues.

Coach has a pair of Black Diamond Z something w/cork grips. Really like cork over foam a lot. Some Z models are not adjustable, adjustable is pretty handy at times going in steep uphill, downhill, even sidehill. Hers has an adjustable upper section with flic locks. While a bit lighter if I recall, I wasn't sure about the "Z" style but they have held up well. Nice poles.

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