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Hog hunts in Florida
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copperman 04-Mar-18
bghunter 04-Mar-18
dave cahilly 04-Mar-18
From: copperman
I'm headed down to Florida the first week of April with the family for spring break. I was thinking of sneeking away for a hog day/evenung hunt. Anyone have suggestions, near Tampa area?

From: bghunter
Check with Hoppy Kempfer, finding someone with an opening may be toough though. Check with ED from Florida bowfishng, been hunting/fishing with him, to many times to count now, but he offers hog hunts. Never been on a hog hunt with him, but he is a great guy. Tell him Shawn from WI gave you his name. If you cant get in a hog hunt look into bowfishing. One of the trips I did with Ed was in Tampa Bay for Rays and it was a blast. He does most of his trips now up around Crystal RIver, which is only about an hour drive from Tampa and an absolute great place to visit and spend time. I will be there just after you and in April and this time with be chasing largemouth bass. Then going back in Sept with Ed for a 11 foot gator.

From: dave cahilly
tried one time with Hoppy it seems likes he is booked up with repeat customers,dont waste your time. too much tv time ruins guides

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