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Which GPS
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Kurt 05-Mar-18
Bernie P. 06-Mar-18
butcherboy 06-Mar-18
jdee 06-Mar-18
Cheesehead Mike 06-Mar-18
From: Kurt
Use Google to search....Bowsite, GPS etc and you'll get a lot of reading

From: Bernie P.
I got Garmins 64st last Nov when Cabelas had them on sale for 219 and free shipping.Real nice unit.

From: butcherboy
I bought an explorer inreach so I can stay in touch with my family no matter where I am. I really like it. A Rhino would be a great one to have as well but locating hunting buddies only works if they have a Rhino as well.

From: jdee
I’ve been using a Garmin Oregon 450 T for about 7 years and love that gps but it is MIA since last month. Been researching new ones and the Garmin gpsmap64st and the Oregon 650T are at the top of my list......leaning towards the Oregon 650 T.

Garmin 64st for me.

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