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Slick Trick Razor Trick 125
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From: caribou77
Any of you gentlemen have some of these laying in your tool boxes that you'd be will to sell?

From: LC Archer
Sent you a PM

From: smarba
I have some blades I think, will check.

From: midwest
Blades are the same regardless if 100's or 125's. Ferrule is bigger dia. on the 125's.

You find some, Luke? If not, let me know.

From: caribou77
I believe I found 1 pack. But I'll take more for sure. Thanks!

Really sucks that they quit making them.

I wish they wouldn't have been sold after Gary's passing.

From: smarba
I used Razors for a while but didn't like the tiny set screw that holds the blades in and the main blade had enough play that sometimes I had to check/tweak the position of the blade to make it spin true.

I have since switched to the Viper and it's every bit as sharp of a cut on contact as the Razor but none of the blade issues. So when you run out of Razors don't hesitate to try the Vipers.

From: bigdog21
2x on the vipers

From: APauls
Ya Viper is a wicked head.

From: Biker
go to the Rage its like throwing a ax at them LOL

“go to the Rage its like throwing a ax at them LOL“

If your lucky enough to have the blades deploy!

From: caribou77
I need to thank Midwest as he was gracious to send me 2 packs and not ask for anything in return. To bad he was foolish enough to put a return address on the package. Hopefully I can send him some moose steaks this fall!

I know the head was not as popular as others, Like like the viper. But I have had nothing short of great luck with it. Don't fix things that aren't broke.

From: midwest
15-Mar-18 read my mind! Good luck on the moose hunt, Luke. You don't owe me a thing except a good story and some pics!

From: spike78
A bow shop near me still has a few packs on the shelf.

From: Z Barebow
Luke- You better send Midwest steaks. He is getting a little skinny! LOL!

From: JTV
Yea, I to went to ViperTricks, in the 100gr however... I do still have about 9 of the RazorTricks left and the blades for 'em ... but for the last 3 yrs or so Ive been modifying them using GrizzTrick Blades to make 'em a 1 1/8" x 1 1/4" COC head, they cut one hell of a hole too ...... now Slick has came out with the WICKEDtrick, which is that modified version all packaged up ... what a "Slick" move ...

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