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Release Trigger Finger Position
Contributors to this thread:
Bou'bound 05-Mar-18
Medicinemann 05-Mar-18
wyobullshooter 05-Mar-18
elk yinzer 05-Mar-18
Woods Walker 05-Mar-18
Pyrannah 06-Mar-18
x-man 06-Mar-18
Ermine 06-Mar-18
Bou'bound 21-Apr-18
Trophy8 21-Apr-18
Ironbow 21-Apr-18
bowhunter55 21-Apr-18
Ziek 21-Apr-18
Pigsticker 21-Apr-18
ACB 21-Apr-18
Ned 21-Apr-18
Busta'Ribs 21-Apr-18
From: Bou'bound
What is the optimal way to trigger a release. Finger extended and trigger with the tip or more curled around the trigger with a bent first knuckle and do it that way. Any particular standard approach or is it purely personal preference.?

From: Medicinemann
I don't use the tip of my finger, I use the first joint....less sensitive and less prone to mistakes.....but back tension would be the ultimate solution.

Trigger is in the first joint down from my finger tip, with the finger tip basically pointing at the ground. The finger tip’s much more sensitive so I don’t want it anywhere near the trigger. I pull straight back with my release arm until the surprise release occurs.

From: elk yinzer
I use the meaty part between the first and second joint down of my middle finger. Fought off a TP bout that way and never looked back.

From: Woods Walker
I thought this was a crossgun thread! But it's not, it's a compgun thread......... ;-)

From: Pyrannah
Wyo x 2

From: x-man
First knuckle forward from the hand, not the first one back from the tip. Far less likely to punch this way. Fewer muscles, tendons/ligaments involved.

From: Ermine
I use 1st knuckle too

If your triggering it with the fingertip I’ve found people are punching the trigger

From: Bou'bound

From: Trophy8
Same as x-man. Better leverage, less movement.

From: Ironbow
X3 xman.

From: bowhunter55
4x xman. I shoot a Carter RX2 and the release actually rests in the middle of my palm so that when I shoot the trigger is in the 1st joint from the hand.I use back tension to release it.

From: Ziek

From: Pigsticker
X5 X Man, nd. Use back tension to release it.

From: ACB
Same as x man . Keeps you away from punching and target panic

From: Ned
Yep, back tension between first and second joint.

From: Busta'Ribs
Not many guys can consistently shoot a wrist strap index trigger release without actually “pulling” the trigger (ie: punching). If you aren’t feeling the wrist strap tightening ( on every shot) as you pull through the break, you are probably punching to some extent. And the further the trigger sits toward the finger tip, the harder it is. “Hooking” the trigger in the first or second nuckle is going to make it harder to punch, but even there, a true back tension break is still hard to execute with consistency.

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