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Thank you and Goobye To JHA
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rtkreaper 05-Mar-18
Dwitt2n 05-Mar-18
From: rtkreaper
Oops my thread some how ended up on the sheep thread??????? Rory

From: Dwitt2n
Agree 110% about Jack, Richard and Amanda, all of guides, cooks and everyone else who made JHA the best caribou outfitter in Quebec. I was fortunate to hunt with Jack dating back to 97 and five times after that with Richard and Amanda. Beyond operating the best caribou camps, they are the kind of people you'd want to be your neighbors. If the moratorium stays in place - and it appears that will be the case, Quebec has lost much more than hunters journeying north to spend a week on the tundra. I too have many memories of hunts with great guys and I am thankful our paths crossed. Thanks Jack, Richard and Amanda.

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