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mallardsx2 07-Mar-18
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DoorKnob 07-Mar-18
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SaddleReaper 07-Mar-18
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Shawn 07-Mar-18
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JTV 07-Mar-18
Franklin 07-Mar-18
JTV 07-Mar-18
From: mallardsx2
I am in the market for a new climber. I have been using this lone wold flip top wide sit and climb. I absolutely hate it. Its just too heave and it is very uncomfortable and I HATE having to guide that stupid traction belt through the slit in the side of the treestand frame...I'm done with this thing. I am looking at these X-stands but I am not sold with those cables... Why cant summit just produce a climber that is a maximum of 200 pound capacity and get something in the 15 pound and under range or do they and I just dont know about it? What are your recommendations based on today's models?? I am 5'9" and 165 pounds I want light weight Under 15 pounds total package. Lets hear it guys.

From: Overland
You're going to get guys saying to just get a tree saddle, or lineman spikes and a super light hang-on. However, the Lone Wolf Assault II comes in at under 15lbs and I've done multiple all-day sits in it. Not the most comfortable stand out there but it packs down really small, is light, super easy to use, and gets the jobs done.

From: tobywon
Today's model, the Summit Openshot SD is 15 lbs and I believe rated for 300 lbs. I have an older model openshot and I believe its 12 or 13 lbs. Probably the additional weight is the new seat design.

From: KPD
I’ve been using a loggy bayou for 25 years and have no problems with it. 11 lbs and comfortable.

I tried the x stand when it first came out, not comfortable and tough to pack (for me, the cables kept hanging up on brush). Then tried a guido’s web - light and comfortable but just couldn’t get used to facing the tree.

Ended up back with the loggy.

From: DoorKnob
LIGHTEST Climber ? Lightest one I ever seen was about 4'9", 84 pounds and wearing pink camo :P

From: spike78
I have a Treewalker that is somewhere between 14 to 17 pounds. Never had a problem even up hill.

From: SaddleReaper

It might be worth your time to take a look at saddle hunting if you arent already familiar with it... check out saddlehunter.com forums. For the price of a premium climber you could get outfitted with a saddle type hunting system and be far more versatile and superior to a climber in most ways (aside from all day sitting comfort). Its a game changer IMO... forget clanky climbers!

From: snapcrackpop
open shot, remove the seat, replace with mesh.

XOP has a new "cable" that is actually a band of spring steel, so if they come out with that on the new hand climber, the best of both worlds!

That's all I got.

From: Shawn
I am one of the guys who will say go with a Chippewa wedge-loc stand and a set of 4 LW sticks. Pretty light and you wont be stuck having to climb a limbless tree and sticking out like a sore thumb. Way more options for setting up then a climber. Shawn

well I also have a great hang on system, but that is not what you asked for, so I will tell you I have a Summit SD, that is comfortable, but a pain in the ass, for being mobile, no way, in the north woods,,,,, usually have to cache it, where I will use it.....

Its a great climber ,,,,,,,, I would like to find a Summit that is lighter,,,, I will look at the open shot, going to sell this one, which should be no problem

As far as being light and comfortable, dude, nothing is better than the Millenium M7

From: Tooth
I've got an xstand, only climber I've ever owned. I like it a lot, would definitely recommend. Its this model, price is right too! Its the xstand deluxe, got it from sportsmans guide.

From: JTV
Muddy Stalker, only 20 lbs ..... packs flat, easy to use when and if I use a climber... I use my LW Alpha II and 4 modified LW sticks 95% of the time ...

From: Franklin
Summit Openshot....

From: JTV
the open fronts are to much work, I cant stand 'em ... my Summit sits in the attic, I hate the thing ...... cant go wrong with a sit and climb like the Stalker ..

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