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Where to burn my points in Colorado?
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Ucsdryder 07-Mar-18
cnelk 07-Mar-18
Outdoordan 07-Mar-18
RogBow 07-Mar-18
Treeline 07-Mar-18
Cheesehead Mike 08-Mar-18
Woobie 08-Mar-18
Dotman 08-Mar-18
midwest 08-Mar-18
Z Barebow 08-Mar-18
Ucsdryder 08-Mar-18
Glunt@work 09-Mar-18
From: Ucsdryder
I’m currently sitting on 0 points. Thinking it’s time to cash in due to point creep. I was holding out for unit 10, but I just don’t see it happening in the next few years. I’m tired of being in the point game and I’m not getting any younger. Where should I go? Feel free to PM since you probably don’t want to post your honey hole on the World Wide Web!

From: cnelk
Oh man. You just one point behind one of the best units! Hang in there buddy. :)

From: Outdoordan

Outdoordan's Link
Here is a GREAT place with your preference points.

From: RogBow
In 85 years you'll have a good shot at unit 10, you have to pay to play.

From: Treeline
You have several really good options! Do a little research and you can probably figure out an elk unit in your backyard that will have the potential for good bulls...

Hopefully you have an equal number of points in WY, AZ and UT that way you'll have multiple options!

From: Woobie
The timing coincides with my thread in the CO forum.

If I disrupted any bowsite etiquette, I apologize. I was just seeking insight from those with more/differing experience than me. I did not (and still do not) believe it is harmful in the least to discuss general information regarding units which take several years to draw.

From: Dotman
Yeah I wouldn’t hold your breath for another year, pt creep is killing your odds.

From: midwest
Good Lord....what have you been waiting for?!

From: Z Barebow
Someone has to draw. You need to keep applying every year because if you quit now, you will lose your accumulated points.

But I wouldn't order your maps just yet. (They usually go on sale in early summer)

From: Ucsdryder
Sophie it’s all in good fun. If you look around there are lots of these posts. But seriously, I have 0 points. It’s just point envy!

From: Glunt@work
I have zero elk points. Since I burned them a few years back I hunt a limited unit every year.

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