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AZ portal is up
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From: WapitiBob

From: Elk369
NR Drew 6A as second choice with 3 point.

From: HuntingAdict
Dad and I drew 27 Late Rifle, I'd rather be bow hunting but Dad isn't getting any younger and the hills and elk aren't getting any less tough so figured I'd rather do a hunt with him while he still can, 65 in April so this tag should make a good present!

From: toprut
The lightning strike is official - I drew a rifle antelope tag as a NR with 5 points. Never saw that one coming!

From: sticksender
14 points for next year

Congrats to everyone who got their tag!

From: rgb
My sons (ages 27 and 24) and I drew our first choice for antlerless elk, unit 8. I've hunted elk before, but this will be their first time to hunt elk, and we are very excited!

From: Bigdan
I got my second pick 6B

Drew second choice 6a

From: Mudslinger
buddy and I drew elk unit 8 late season with 6 points apiece

Archery antelope....unit 3BS

From: Garbo
Unit 9 early elk archery, 20 points. Finally.

From: Olink
Proud owner of 18 points

From: 7 Points
Guess I need to change my handle again....unit 9 here we come!

From: Z Barebow
I will take your handle 7 points. I now have 7 elk points going into 2019.

From: JSW
I drew unit 1. I'm stoked.

From: lineman21
How many points JSW?

Tag #00013 for Late Date Bow Bull ------------------->

I know the unit very well and have hunted this unit late twice before now.

Good luck, Robb

From: hardcore247
I had a surprise. No credit card hit on Friday or Monday AM. Checked my results yesterday and drew a Unit 10 bull tag in the random draw. Also drew a Wyoming unit 54 tag so going to go guided in AZ. Any recommendations?

From: Nesser
Congrats Jim!

From: TerryD
hardcore247-I hunted unit 1 with Greg Krogh and Troy Smith. I believe they guide Unit 10 as well. I'd highly recommend them.

From: Pat Lefemine
I knew I had drawn but got a little nervous when I saw it said Mid-winter Season. I had to double check to make sure I didn't inadvertently pick the February 1st season?

Why do they call it the Mid-Winter elk season? That's kind of dumb.

From: pav
Yeah, all of my unsuccessful elk apps are listed as "Mid-winter season".

From: GotBowAz
I was assuming that meant Mid winter Draw season. Otherwise it really doesn't make any sense at all.

From: Heat
They've been calling it the midwinter draw since it split out from the main draw for fall hunts. Yes, its dumb.

From: Bigdan
I just checked my portal and my antelope app says my name is Mark Moore and I didn't draw

I used to think it's the draw, not the actual hunting season. There's the mid-winter for elk, PH, and then there's spring for Javelina, and then the fall draw for deer/sheep. But even that doesn't make sense because the Javelina draw happens in the winter, not the spring. Then I figured they just picked one of the species and one of their seasons to name the draw. The spring draw also has spring bear in it. Rifle deer season does actually take place in the fall. But neither elk nor PH are hunted mid-winter. It doesn't make sense.

Finally get to hunt Arizona elk. Drew my first choice, unit 8 archery with 13 points. I am going to the online map store today and starting to dig in. At 70 I was beginning to worry I would run out of elk hunting years before I drew a AZ tag.

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