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Ward's Outfitters Spot/Stalk Mule Deer
Mule Deer
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Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Ward's Outfitters has openings for Arizona Spot and Stalk Mule deer hunts, This is a combo hunt to include a Javelina. The hunt is 6 full days of hunting all inclusive. Guide, Meals, Lodging. Hunters can expect to stalk 140-170 class bucks. We still maintain 100%shot opportunity on these mule deer hunts. please email for more information

It's a great hunt.

100% shot opportunity...what kind of distances are we talking? What is the farthest you consider a shot opportunity? Im an east coast mountain/woods hunter. Always wondered what kind of distances you need to be prepared for on a gig like that out west.


Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Justin On these Spot and Stalk hunts shots are typically 45-60 yards.

Thanks Steven

Still Spots available

From: Will
Having traveled to 6 hunts in South Dakota over the past years I am now always prepared to take a 60 yard shot. MD are stalkable but inside of 60 can be tough unless you are the ideal situation. Our first trip I was only prepared for 40 and missed a few opportunities. Slick Trick with a 65# DW does an amazing job at 65 yards.

Will on our spot and stalk hunts the typical shot is 30-55 yards. If hunters are capable of shooting 60 yards that's a plus

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