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MT big game combo application question..
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Mossyhorn 09-Mar-18
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Mossyhorn 11-Mar-18
From: Mossyhorn
My two brothers and I are most likely going to apply for elk combo's in Montana. Obviously we want to apply as a party to ensure that we all get tags. The two of them only want to hunt elk and archery in September will likely be the only time they can get away. However, I would like to do the big game combo that also gives me a deer tag, as I may have the ability to go back and hunt deer later in October or November.

If applying as a party, we would have to do one or the other. I can't apply for the big game combo while they apply for the elk only combo, correct?

I see that last year there were 2000 left over elk only licenses while the big game combo was oversubscribed by about 500 tags. Could I put them in for elk combos and myself separately for a big game combo and if by chance I am unsuccessful in the drawing (seems like odds are low) that I could snag a leftover elk combo after the draw?

Yes one or the other. Best of luck. Hunt

The best odds of seeing a nice buck are when you don't have a deer tag...remind them of that. Regarding your 2nd paragraph, that's the way to do it if you want to save them the money and you'll probably all draw, but MT's subscription rates have gone down and then up over the past 5 years so predicting your plan's viability is impossible. It should work out. But it might not. I'd say odds are in your favor of it working out.

From: Mossyhorn
Thanks for the response guys!

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