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Hunting Partner or Camera Man?
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MaximOutdoors 10-Mar-18
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The title of this is kind of tongue in cheek...kind of! I am scheduled to do a backcounty hike in/camp archery elk hunt September 8-16 in one of the wilderness areas here in Colorado. Right now I plan to go solo but would entertain the idea of someone going with me and just wanted to see what the level of interest is. Obviously that person would have to be geared up and experienced enough to carry their own weight. Message me for details.

From: LKH
Well, this will get you back to the top. Going with a young guy (55) on a CO early rifle deer hunt. I've got the only tag. I hope you find someone who wants to go. I've done a couple Dall and RM Goat hunts with others when I didn't have a tag. It's just as much fun and if someone on this site has the time and abilities, it can be just as rewarding as doing the shooting yourself.

From: Franzen
You probably ought to give an idea of the unit, or at least if it is OTC.

From: Shug
EF ... you know... it’s the guy who videos the hunter walking up on a fake WR whitetail as the rack is twisted to the side from laying on the ground

Yes it's an OTC unit.

EF, I totally understand! I was born in MS and still have lots of family there. I've done a ton of hunting just like your talking about on my Grandpa's place.

The cameraman comment was kind of an inside joke because I've started trying to film my hunts and it's a chore doing it solo! Lol

From: md5252
PM sent

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