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Widrig outfitters?
Wild Sheep
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From: caribou77
Anyone ever gone with them?

From: NvaGvUp
Never even heard of them.

From: Bill Obeid
I’m surprised by that..... he’s been around a looong time.

From: Moosemania
Last August. I got a great sheep and a giant caribou. Rifle kills and I'm not sure they would be my first choice with a bow. They were top notch to deal with and I will be back in a few years.

From: TXHunter
When I was doing my research I heard great things about them and not so great things about them. Hit and miss is the gist of what I could glean.

My conclusion was that Chris has run a good outfit for many, many years but that it is slipping some as the years go by.

I went another direction.

From: caribou77
Anyone else?

From: Ursman
Hunted with him once. I wouldn’t go back if you paid for the hunt!

From: Nick Muche
Some good videos on YouTube of their hunts. Just do a search.

From: caribou77
Thanks to everyone that sent pms. Nick I've seen the videos, just like bowsiters opinions. And just as I expected, some great, some good, some fair and 1 bad that I have not received a pm from yet. In the end all I'm looking for is an opportunity and being in that part of the world. It's a hunt, there are no guarantees. I don't want or expect luxury.

From: Ursman
check out Ceaser Lake Outfitters in the Yukon. Three of us all got P and Y moose. Great area, great guides.

From: luckydraw
I did a rifle hunt with Blackstone - Had a great hunt and experiance with Jim Fink and family.

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