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Widrig outfitters?
Wild Sheep
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caribou77 10-Mar-18
NvaGvUp 10-Mar-18
Bill Obeid 10-Mar-18
Moosemania 10-Mar-18
TXHunter 11-Mar-18
caribou77 12-Mar-18
Ursman 14-Mar-18
Nick Muche 15-Mar-18
caribou77 15-Mar-18
Ursman 15-Mar-18
luckydraw 15-Mar-18
bad bob 25-May-21
From: caribou77
Anyone ever gone with them?

From: NvaGvUp
Never even heard of them.

From: Bill Obeid
I’m surprised by that..... he’s been around a looong time.

From: Moosemania
Last August. I got a great sheep and a giant caribou. Rifle kills and I'm not sure they would be my first choice with a bow. They were top notch to deal with and I will be back in a few years.

From: TXHunter
When I was doing my research I heard great things about them and not so great things about them. Hit and miss is the gist of what I could glean.

My conclusion was that Chris has run a good outfit for many, many years but that it is slipping some as the years go by.

I went another direction.

From: caribou77
Anyone else?

From: Ursman
Hunted with him once. I wouldn’t go back if you paid for the hunt!

From: Nick Muche
Some good videos on YouTube of their hunts. Just do a search.

From: caribou77
Thanks to everyone that sent pms. Nick I've seen the videos, just like bowsiters opinions. And just as I expected, some great, some good, some fair and 1 bad that I have not received a pm from yet. In the end all I'm looking for is an opportunity and being in that part of the world. It's a hunt, there are no guarantees. I don't want or expect luxury.

From: Ursman
check out Ceaser Lake Outfitters in the Yukon. Three of us all got P and Y moose. Great area, great guides.

From: luckydraw
I did a rifle hunt with Blackstone - Had a great hunt and experiance with Jim Fink and family.

From: bad bob
hunted with widrig the year katrina hit ....out of 14 moose hunters i was the only one that didnt kill that year...had a piss poor guide that wouldnt let me shoot a 58 in moose...but i did kill a book caribou and a black bear...saw i giant grizz...if i had to do it over i would go back to him...the hunt is unbelievable ...i told chris all i wanted was a moose but he talked me into the moose caribou combo...me and my buddy went to goz lake and hunted caribou for 5 days and then a days ride to duo creek to hunt moose... guide was wanting a big moose...he said this area hadnt been hunted in 5 years...that only left 3 days of moose hunting cuz they count the flight and horse back moving as hunting days even when you are riding back to main camp after closing the camps that you flew into...its a bitch but kept a smile on my face at base camp...i gave 10.5k and now its double...plane tickets, tips. hotel, taxidermy, shipping, it aint cheap...ill never be able to go again...but it was great

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