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Mission X3 - 2008 (Still Amazing)
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From: stjohnh4

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I have a Mission X3 (Model 2008). It is still my "Go-to" bow for deer hunting. It came with a lifetime guarantee and I never had to use it. Of course the Ripcord retention string and sight / string alignment tube has to be replaced, but thats normal maintenance. I guess the message is to stick with what works ! Thoughts?

From: Shawn
True, I shot the same Mathews bow for 15 years. I still kick myself for giving it away to a friend in need of a bow. Shawn

From: stjohnh4
Well, I trust your friend appreciates the gift. I learned to appreciate the things long after the thrill of "The new shiny object" wares off. There where many temptations to replace the old X3 but I can't do it. Perhaps, its just an affinity with the memories of wonderful experiences I've with that bow... and it just works. :-)

From: Scrappy
Love my mission bow

I bought my first mission bow in 2009, killed a deer with it the first time I hunted with it, went back to trad bows until last year. When I bought a mission in December. I can’t remember the name of it but, it was a cool little bow. I bought a mission ballistic 2.0 in March. I shot a lot of bows but choose that one. It’s a phenomenal bow. I can’t half see but still shoot deadly out to 70 yards with it when the light conditions are right. It sure is easy to shoot. Dead in the hand. Extremely quiet and extremely fast. I love it.

From: timex
I've Had a bowtec101st air born since 2005 I've killed a lot of deer with it. Maybe not the most forgiving bow ever made but if you do your part it shoots an arrow hard

From: tradmt
I was taking off the training wheels about the time the Switchback came out, if I had owned one and stayed with compounds I would likely had never bought another compound again. Great bows they were, my son had one as did most of my friends.

I believe there is much more to lose ( money ) than gain by purchasing new compounds any more.

From: t-roy
My primary bow is a Switchback XT. My backup is another XT that I bought on EBay a few years ago. Being a southpaw is probably both a blessing and a curse. Oftentimes, they don’t have the newest offerings available in lefty at the store, so I’m not tempted to try it out. My Switchback is best shooting bow that I’ve ever shot (granted, I’ve not shot many of the newest bows). I’m kind of a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” guy.

From: T Mac
I bought my 2008 bowtech guardian back in 2010 for $350, killed a lot of critters and don’t see any reason to change in the near future. I have shot bowtechs newer models and can’t justify spending $1k or more for a new bow.

From: Surfbow
I have a 2009 Mission Eliminator that still shoots great for me

From: JTV
My '06 Allegiance will out shoot most bows on the market today... it was one the best hunting bows ever made ... It is still my main hunting bow with multiple of dozens of critters large and small to its credit.... the Manufacturers have about priced themselves out of business..... however, there are some good bows still to be had for well under a grand ... I refuse to pay that much for a bow.... hell I'm 300fps with a 400 gr GT XT 340/30"draw and 62lbs ..... I put new limbs on her from Barnsdale last spring, she's goo for another 20,000 shots, and she shoots beautifully... .... why drop a grand+ on one of these new things ..

From: RogBow
Couldn't agree more with this thread, the only thing that matters is accuracy. I just checked the FBBH tune on my bow today after putting a fresh set of BCY-X on it, after a few twists here and there it's good to go.

I paid $499 for the Mission Ballistic. It's rated at 330 fps. I paid more in the late 90's for new bows then what this one cost. I've paid a lot more for trad bows then what this one costs. In 2009 I paid $425 for the Mission Eliminator brand new. Which as a FINE bow too. I'd still have it if someone hadn't relieved me of ownership of it. There are bargin's to be had and, while someone can spend their money however they see fit, I can't help but think most people spend it on a name. God Bless men

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