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Montana Paper Apps?
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pav 11-Mar-18
LKH 11-Mar-18
pav 12-Mar-18
Smtn10PT 12-Mar-18
Mauifire 15-Mar-18
pav 15-Mar-18
Jaquomo 15-Mar-18
Drnaln 15-Mar-18
HUNT MAN 15-Mar-18
pav 16-Mar-18
From: pav
Is anyone submitting paper applications this year? I'm seeing a $10 application fee required per application, but the online vendor is tacking on nearly another $29.00 to apply online. I get charging a fee, but $29.00 per applicant is quite a racket.

From: LKH
Who did you think was going to pay the credit card company? Montana? Not likely.

From: pav
My bad....didn't think about the credit card angle. Saw the fee added at the end and a link to some verbage on how fees are calculated. The explanation only mentioned 3rd party processing and a short blurb regarding website maintenance. I do wish they would just set a price and go with it. The list of nickel/dime fees is getting a bit ridiculous. The application looks more and more like my cell phone bill every year.

From: Smtn10PT
Give them a break, how can they stay in business at the bargain basement tag fees they charge :)

From: Mauifire
Anyone know how to apply for points only in montana

From: pav
Don't believe that is an option for tag preference points. Definitely not an option for limited entry permit bonus points.

From: Jaquomo
Nickling and diming, no doubt. In WY the elk license fee is bad enough, but then after paying for the preference points we also have to buy an archery stamp, a conservation stamp, and then a "management" (feeding) stamp on top of it.

It's like buying a plane ticket advertised at $199, which actually ends up costing $300 after all the fees are tacked on.

From: Drnaln
I believe Montana started an option to buy just Bonus Points & Preference Points last year. I think the Application period is in July to September.

You can buy just a point now. July - sept.

From: pav
Wow, that is a significant change. I was completely unaware. Building bonus points in Montana was quite an expensive proposition under the previous rules. Thanks guys!

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