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New Mexcio-Kiowa guide service
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Deafbowhunter 12-Mar-18
pointingdogs 12-Mar-18
dmandoes 12-Mar-18

Has anyone ever hunted with Kiowa Hunting Services? I'm looking into the Partially Guided and wanted to hear from others (positive/negative) who has hunted with them in the past.


From: pointingdogs
I "hunted" with them about 7 years ago. I drew a New Mexico tag on my own and needed a place to stay. Unit #51 (I believe). They charged for a place to sleep and meals. Tents were OK and heated. Food was OK and hot. They pointed you in the direction where elk are usually harvested. If you wanted to pay extra $$ they would put you on a horse and guide you for a day. I believe that if you shot an elk that the elk was quartered and packed out for you. A tip was expected for this service. In short... it was worth it for me as I was unfamiliar with the area and drove from Iowa.

From: dmandoes
i used them for my oryx hunt and i would do it again.

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