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Pagosa Springs Archery Shop Owner Killed
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Wapiti Hunter's Link
Larry Fisher was a longtime personal friend of mine. Many of you who hunted in the Pagosa Springs, CO area may have visited his shop, Ski and Bow Rack. He was a kind, caring, giving Christian man and a respected business owner. He will be missed by all who knew him. He has three grown children. Please pray for his family and the staff at his shop as they try to deal with this tragedy.


That’s Sad. God bless his family.

From: PECO
I have been to that shop in the summer a few years ago, think it was Bows and Bikes? Sad news.

From: Woods Walker
I hope they find the SOB and a big tall tree.

From: Treeline
Horrible news. Agree with Woods Walker 100%

From: t-roy
Totally senseless! Prayers for his family.

From: Paul@thefort
WOW, sad! Trying to protect what is his, from a scum bag, and gets kill.

From: M.Pauls
I do believe I visited with him 5 years ago when my wife and I vacationed in Pagosa. Seemed like a real nice guy. So unfortunate,.. and for what?

From: Grasshopper
What a tragic loss. No explanation other than drugs, alcohol, lack of the holy spirit or worse - a flat out evil soul. Hope they catch the perp fast

From: HeadHunter®
Sad news...prayers for him & the family. A few years back we bow hunted elk around that area and spent some time in his shop .... nice man and he even gave me a mug with his logo on it. ... RIP Larry !

Horrible news. During the 90s I fletched up hundreds of dozens of arrows from him while working for Western Archery. Horrible.... I hope they burn this guy at the stick...

From: Dotman
Omg!!! He was a super nice guy! Rip

Bowhunted with Larry years ago along with Colt Ross. Bought my bows from him and lots of other stuff. Larry was a super guy. I was shocked to read the article in the Durango Herald this morning. Prayers to his family.

From: buc i 313
Prayers for his family.

From: Scar Finga
Prayers for his family, what tragedy!

From: Beendare
Small town...small guy...hopefully they catch him quick.

Somehow putting that murderer in Jail just doesn't seem right.

From: Sivart
Prayers sent... He was a good man.

That's terrible. Prayers for all involved.

How very sad

Prayers to his loved ones from my home.

Very sad,


From: Buglmin
Larry was a good guy, decent, but made his issues. He didn't treat locals very well, and many did their archery stuff and fly fishing stuff at other shops. You didn't see a lot of locals buying from him. He was the first man I saw shooting over 300 fps in the late 80's, and loved the Screaming Eagle bow!! Shot the Person bows a lot. I worked for him in the ski shop on weekends and after my other job, helping him out in the busy times. He was the first guy I know of that was buying flyrod blanks from Fenwick in the late 80's and making arrows from them. I remember grinding inserts down for him to fit the shafts. He was huge in overdraws, but he had such a long draw. He hunted a lot up around Steamboat, and was a fantastic skier!! Guy had no fear when it came to skiing, and a lot of us skied with him. He loved the CBA Jamborees, and often shot with me when I'd go to the shop to set up my bows. He was fascinated by arrow speed..

Seems a person of interest in the shooting was found dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound around Chama late last week. He was a guy known by Larry and had worked off and on there. Facebook has pictures of Larry falling onto the shooter after he was shot, knocking the shooter down as he fell. He will be truly missed...

From: ColoBull
A bit late, but our condolences. The Ski & Bow Rack has been a traditional stop for us for decades.

From: goelk
Late seeing this. Prayers for family. I hope they catch this guy.

From: linehunter
The guy who did this killed himself a few weeks back.

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