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Zim1 13-Mar-18
oldgoat 13-Mar-18
Woods Walker 13-Mar-18
Butternut40 13-Mar-18
mountainman 13-Mar-18
Highlife 13-Mar-18
Woods Walker 13-Mar-18
Dave B 14-Mar-18
From: Zim1
Anybody know a good website for searching 3D shoots? My regular one seems to be inoperable these days. I need to get outside and be around fellow archers. Had enough of the new crossgun crowd here in Illinois.

From: oldgoat
Facebook seems to be a good source these days, look for archery clubs in your area!

From: Woods Walker
I didn't know they let crossbows at 3-D shoots, certainly not any of the Illinois 3-D's I attend. Lot's of compguns though....... ;-)

From: Butternut40
Try the 3d shoot calendar under the "Resources" menu bar above.

From: mountainman
You talking about 3dshoots.com? I was wondering if it was just me. It won't show me anything.

From: Highlife
That site has gone down hill since Chris sold out years ago

From: Woods Walker
Zim: I believe you're in Northern Illinois, try here........


I've shot here many times, nice place, quiet, and you usually have the course to yourself. The only thing better than that would be if it were free.....which it's not!

From: Dave B

Dave B 's Link
We shoot MAC events, some are nearby. They have a pretty good year end shoot if you qualify. Pm me if you want to hit some this summer.

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