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Coastal brown bear advice.....
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Leaving May 17th to hunt with Kelly Vrem for a Coastal Brown Bear hunt. For those of you that have been, any recommendations on particular items I may not be able to do without? This is hopefully the first of many Alaskan adventures!

From: Kurt
Comfortable hip boots, good rain gear, clothing layers, good camera, etc. Take only good shots (I assume you are bowhunting). Enjoy it and good luck!

From: osage
Don't forget your bear bell like the Sierra Clubbers tie to their Birkenstocks.

From: Owl
Kurt pretty much nailed it. My brown bear hunt was a fairly simple excursion all things considered.

My advice would be to pay close attention to what Kelly Vrem tells you need!


From: Steve H.
I've probably done ten or so coastal Brown hunts. May can actually be a really exceptional month, weather wise. Layers, especially thin layers 90% of the time is best, think light merino. May 17, LOTS of bears out then!

Kelly is a good one, so is his brother Tracy. Always be prepared for moisture. As others said, layers are important. Enjoy your hunt.

dont get et....

From: Redman
I really like the waders with the neoprene footies and the boots over the top just in case you end up hiking much. The weather can be windy, rainy, cold, snowing, sunny and hot all in the same day. I always take lots of clothes, especially multiple pairs of gloves, they will be soaked everyday and may never dry out. Also, lots of gallon size or larger zip locks and a waterproof pack or duffle for the important stuff.

From: glunker
I hunted fall so not sure about bugs, but a thermacell might be called for. Bear spray is too obvious. A closed cell foam pad for sitting and glassing helps. Multiple wool socks. Good luck.

Believe it or not sun screen on one hunt there in the spring the sun was out the entire hunt. Good ear and head protection because the wind blows non stop, Those military green wool/acrylic inserts work well for gloves pretty cheap to. Good luck on your hunt.

From: Steve H.
Is this really a "coastal" (beach) hunt, boat hunting bays or inland of a coastal area? Answers may vary.

Inland of coastal area. We will not be hunting out of boats. Thanks to everyone who has offered up suggestions! This hunt can't get here fast enough!

From: Owl
A sat phone was a welcome luxury.

From: grizzly
don't forget to file off the front sight of your pistol

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