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Please Help keep access in Colorado
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Fellow Sportsmen,

I am spear heading an effort to maintain public access to over 10,000 acres of prime deer and elk hunting in NW Colorado near Rifle. This property has long been open to public access as the prior land owner, EnCana Oil and Gas would lease the hunting rights to the CPW. A couple years ago in this same area we lost access to the 20,000 acres Shell Lease. Sadly at that time I wished I had done more. Well this time I am trying to do more.

I am only 3 days into this process, but feel I have a solid plan moving forward.

The ROAN AREA ACCESS PROJECT is designed to provide a voice to the hunters (both residents and nonresident), the families and communities. We are hoping that through our efforts we can demonstrate the significance of this land and of hunting. I honestly do not know where this will head or if we will save anything, but I need to try for the sake of our hunting future.

Please contact me with any questions. Also please take the time to fill out the brief survey. Data and comments from this survey will be presented Caerus Oil and Gas in an attempt to save our access.

Also if you can make it...

A public meeting will be held at the Rifle High School Auditorium from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. On March 29th

1350 Prefontaine Avenue Rifle, CO 81650

For more information you can email me at: or by PM

Please share this far and wide. The survey/form can be found here...

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The meeting will be held on March 29th... Wish I could edit the page.

From: Bowfreak
If you can't see the edit button to the right of "private reply" orient your phone to landscape and you will see it.


This is how things get done, grass root efforts. I applaud you, for getting involved, and having a passion, to demonstrate what you believe in.... Here in the UP, we had a push to limit trapping, if you can believe that, from the disenchanted lost souls of the lower,,,,,,, it was thru grass root efforts, that the problem was eliminated,,,, I would not want trapping rules like you have out there.....

Always stay vigilant,,,,,,, good luck

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Hey here is an update...

Hey all, I am spearheading a group in order to try and save access to 10,000+ acres to prime deer and elk hunting lands near Rifle. Over the years countless people have hunted this property.

Please consider joining the Roan Area Access Project on Facebook found here...

or taking our survey...

Thanks for any and all help.

Please attend our public meeting on March 29th at the Rifle High School Auditorium at 7:00pm. We are needing a great turn out in order to prove the importance of this property.

Thank you Rob for your efforts! I grew up hunting 22 with my step dad and his dad. I killed my first buck there when I was 16 and have taken my kids there as well! Definitely hits home for me!

From: yooper89

From: coelker
Hey all... Over the weekend I had 101 people take the survey and now have over 60 members in the facebook group. I am currently hitting up organizations to support the effort. I am printing off 300 flyers to post in the local businesses in Rifle, Meeker, Rangely and hopefully Junction.

I am also organizing and effort to gather petition signatures at local businesses this next weekend.

Please keep an eye out and share the links and event information as far and wide as possible.


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