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UT 2018 tag numbers
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WapitiBob 17-Mar-18
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Charlie Rehor 17-Mar-18
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BULELK1 17-Mar-18
Huntcell 17-Mar-18
Mike-TN 17-Mar-18
glunker 17-Mar-18
elk yinzer 17-Mar-18
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HDE 18-Mar-18
Shrewski 18-Mar-18
BULELK1 18-Mar-18
elkstabber 19-Mar-18
YZF-88 19-Mar-18
400 Elk @Home 19-Mar-18
From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's Link
here you go

There appears to be a coordinated effort by the maker of the airbow to get it into every western state. Here is the link to their UDWR presentation :

From: YZF-88
Can't believe they're recommending and INCREASE in archery bull tags on the Wasatch from 249 to 267! WTF?

From: Don K
Now the wait till may......

That's a bummer about the Nine Mile bison tags. My horrible odds just got cut in 1/2...


From: pirogue
Seems like this “recommendation” period would have been complete at least 2 weeks before application deadline, instead of sitting on the apps for 2 weeks before doing anything. We could have had drawing results by now. I f they had to wait on survey, move the app period out later. It’s not like they are going to increase tags for Henrys Mtns because they get a lot of apps.

I come up with a total of 30 LE Archery Elk tags for Non-Residents with max points in the entire State of Utah. Of the 24 Elk Units only 11 Units offer max points tags, 9 of those 11 Units offer only 1 or 2 tags and only two Units offer more than 2 tags. I did not realize what a small opportunity is available in Utah to archers with max points.

Random chance for the other 47 Tags are the "hope".

Dang W-Bob ya beat to posting this!

I just spent to much time reading thru it all to see where I stand on drawing my LE Elk with 2 pts---->!!

Or my D-Ram...........


Sorry Charlie---------<<<---->>>

Good luck, Robb

Damn the luck Iddy------

That is a HUGE Drop in BC Buff tags!!!!


Good luck, Robb

PS--might be the lawsuit ???

From: Huntcell
Can always go to that convention quiet a few tags available there .

From: Mike-TN
With the number of elk in the state of UT it would be almost impossible to handle the opportunity to hunt them any worse than the system UT has in place. You don’t even have to be original..... just copy what AZ is doing!!


From: glunker
I had a Horse Bench Book Cliff tag, what a mistake. That hunt has huge problems without weather issues. Anyone drawing this hunt without being briefed about last years hunt and what the tag situation is might have a cause of action. Wildlife actions were a cluster, before and during hunt.

From: elk yinzer
What would Joseph Smith do?

From: c3
Mike, I've been arguing your point with the powers that be here since the early 2000's. We used to have a tag called the AR301, that gave a lot of archery opportunity and kept a ton of folks out of the LE draws for elk. It, along with the statewide archery deer hunt went by the wayside in favor of limiting opportunity in favor of spike hunting only.

There are 30,000 any weapon and unlimited archery spike tags available in the state. These are the crumbs that fall off the table to the masses at the auction in favor of very limited big bull tags for the wealth hunter. This has accomplished the goal of jacking up the 'value' of elk on the LE units such that they can be auctioned off to line the pockets of the powers that be.

In the end of the day, you actually can hunt every limited entry unit, OTC, for spikes and cows every year with your bow if you choose. I never have, as I don't believe in the concept to begin with. Small consolation for only being able to hunt big bulls every 15 - 30 years.

Just a little insight into how we got here once the tags were cut and an emphasis on 'quality' took hold via 'The Don' in the early 90's.

Cheers, Pete

From: HDE
"What would Joseph Smith do?"

Same thing as Samuel Jones would do I reckon...?

From: Shrewski

Take, take, take. Someday I will get to play Robin Hood out there and take one from Sherriff Donny P of Nottingham. My odds unfortunately keep getting worse over time as opposed to other states.

'Per Wildlife Board Meeting, they were going to recommend 22 permits this year. So the 18 unsuccessful hunters from last year, took 18 of the recommended permits, leaving 4 for the draw this year.'

So you hunting Buff again this year 'glunker' ?



From: elkstabber

elkstabber's Link
Yikes! All of this talk above about how hard it is to draw an archery bull tag and except for WapitiBob nobody commented on the use of an air gun during muzzleloader season? The pdf presentation was sneaky because it said that it wanted the air gun to be legal for the "any weapon" season but then compared it to a muzzleloader (range, effectiveness, primitiveness, and even taxes generated). This seems like how they will bring it in to UT. Watch out! You had better be keeping an eye on your politicians, or they'll sneak something in. If this arrow shooting air gun were to be allowed during archery season you would see your odds drop in half statewide for all species. There are lots of gun hunters that don't want to have to learn archery and they'd love to be able to use an airgun.

The link is from WapitiBob in his first post.

From: YZF-88
These air gun proposals (or similar) seem to be popping up in EVERY state.

The air gun is funny to me.

They brag about 1 inch group @ 30 yards. I am not that impressed and hope they don't adopt it's Utah.

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