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Presidents Wildlife Conservation Council
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DL 18-Mar-18
Pat Lefemine 18-Mar-18
Jim in PA 19-Mar-18
Mad Trapper 19-Mar-18
From: DL

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Ignore the negative parts. africa’s Ivan Carter is one of the board members. I believe he could hold his own against any of the anti Africa hunting people

From: Pat Lefemine
I’m thrilled the council includes John Jackson. He is everyone’s go to guy for Cites abuse. I spent an hour on the phone with him talking about polar bear importation. Was amazed how much he knew about local bear populations.

From: Jim in PA
John Jackson and Conservation Force were also who filed suit against NJ when they passed the law prohibiting NJ residents from possessing african big five. The law as written could have been interpreted to include other Cites animals such as Marco Polo and Grizzly bears. It never got to court when the state saw case laid out in front of them. John and Conservation Force are the real deal. So are the others that have been selected.

From: Mad Trapper
Pat x 2. I hope John is grooming the next John. But I hope that he lives another 100 though.

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