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New Mexico Javelina
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Alhase1 19-Mar-18
nmwapiti 19-Mar-18
Hunt 15-Jan-21
Shiras42 15-Jan-21
ahunter76 15-Jan-21
wildwilderness 16-Jan-21
From: Alhase1
I am looking at going on a javelina hunt in New Mexico. I know the draw is coming up and am wanting some information on hunting javelina. I have never hunted them and was wanting to try and get as much information as I can. So if anyone may have some information on where to chase them please PM me, thanks in advance!

From: nmwapiti

nmwapiti's embedded Photo
nmwapiti's embedded Photo
Not a bow kill, but here's one I picked up last weekend down by Carlsbad spot and stalk hunting. The hunt was over the counter this year. 1000 tags. I'll probably do it again next year, but use the bow. Shot was only 30 yards. Most of the pig-hunting attention is down around Deming, but the pigs are definitely spreading across southern NM.

From: Hunt
Which part of Carlsbad sir

From: Shiras42
Alex, We have started to see a few up around the Pie Town area, but certainly not in the numbers that I would think about getting a tag for the area.

From: ahunter76
Just go to Texas. $45 5 day tag. 2 Javies & reasoable price for most ranches. Make a post on message board on rate the day lease. These guys will give you tons of "good" info.

They are a lot smaller than you think, but still tough

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