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Ground blind for a $100
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PushCoArcher 19-Mar-18
PECO 19-Mar-18
Ned 19-Mar-18
Franklin 20-Mar-18
Knothead 20-Mar-18
dmann 21-Mar-18
The last savage 21-Mar-18
kadbow 21-Mar-18
Tajue17 09-Apr-18
grubby 09-Apr-18
sir misalots 09-Apr-18
NIson 09-Apr-18
From: PushCoArcher
My double bull was stolen this year from a property I have permission to hunt. I set it up in mid September hunted it several times in October and a couple times in November. Went to check a trail camera the first week of December and my blind and camera were gone. I've already bought a new double bull but I'll only be using it on my property (where I haven't had anything stolen in almost 15 years) or take it down after each hunt. But I'd like a blind I can leave up in other areas that if stolen I won't be out several hundred dollars. I'm looking for recommendations for blinds that are a hundred dollars or less. So far Ameristep care taker, Ameristep Brickhouse, and Primos club xl seem to be the best options so far. Anyone used any of these if so how'd you like them. Also not interested in Ameristep doghouse I've used one and it's not for me.

From: PECO
I had an Ameristep, it was about 60 bucks on sale, and was a good blind. I don't remember the model, and I have nothing to compare it to. I used it a few seasons in Michigan, then gave it to the nephew.

From: Ned
Use a piece of camo netting/burlap tarp.

From: Franklin
I have a pile of the Ameristeps....I got mine on sale for $45 dollars a pc. They are more than adequate for 1 or even 2 people.

From: Knothead
I picked up a used Ameristep at a yard sale a couple years ago for $20. Tried it out this past August for a deer hunt and I was impressed. Lots of room, easy set-up and I liked the window configuration.

From: dmann
I have an ameristep dominator that I got for 100, seen them cheaper on sale. Its held up well and has plenty of room.

Take a look at the Herters blind,,I love it ,good billing for the buck. I think $87 2 yrs ago ?

From: kadbow
I have had a primos club xl for several years now and just bought a second one, great blind for the money.

From: Tajue17
Ghillie or Leafy Jacket and be done with it.

From: grubby
watch the clearance sales at midway

Last 2 I have bought were Barronett and I like them.

From: sir misalots
watch retailers for clearance got my barronett grounder 350 for around $50 at rural king post season

From: NIson
I found a blemished double bull at Cabela's bargain cave for$99! Couldn't find anything wrong with it

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