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G12 Unit in Colorado
Mountain Goat
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KC9 20-Mar-18
sticksender 20-Mar-18
From: KC9
Didn't get much response on the Colorado State Forum, so thought I'd try here. Has anyone bowhunted this unit? I have a good friend who rifle hunted it last year and can get a lot of specifics about the unit from him, as he scouted it 4 different weekends and hunted it. I'm just wondering what the pressure is like since all the tags are rifle tags and there are around 25 tags issued each season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From: sticksender
Rifles can mean most hunters are done faster and out of your way. But for me as a bowhunter, I'd prefer one of the units with a 30-day season instead of one of the more crowded, shorter duration hunts like G12. It was one of the first units I ruled out when I had the statewide tag, but that was due to smaller average horn size on the billies. Just depends on what's important to you. Having a friend with experience in the unit is nice, but no matter what Goat hunt you pick, you have all the historical kill site info to draw on from the CDPW site.

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