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Bow for son
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From: NIson
I was wondering if there is a compound on the market that will reach a 40# draw at 21" draw length? My son is small but can pull the weight but his draw is short and he's getting tired of hunting with a crossbow so I'm looking to get him a new compound but our limit in Ohio is 40#. Thanks

From: huntinelk
PSE Stinger X should work

From: LINK
I imagine several will. My daughter is at 35# with a 20” draw. She has probably two full turns left on her 45# Hoyt Ruckus limb bolts. I would look at a diamond infinite edge or a Hoyt klash or ignite if you willing to spend a bit more money. If your a Mathews guy the stoke should fit him although the draw weight doesnt have a huge range without changing cams. The Mathews avail has a minimum draw of 22” so he could try it before long.

With any of the youth bows with adjustable limb stops he should be able to achieve desired poundage. Your draw weight all comes at the beginning of the draw cycle wether you pull it 18 or 27 inches. At 20 your power stroke is shorter so you just don’t get as much out of it but it’s essentially the same draw weight.

From: Brotsky
My boy has a Mission Craze 2. I think the peak draw weight at a 21" draw is 55 pounds. Good little bow for a growing kid.

From: Shawn
I 100% agree with the Stinger X by PSE!! I bought one as a back up bow and it was a great bow for the money. Better then the Craze and the Bear Cruze and such. You can find them ready to hunt for under $300. Shawn

From: Scoot
Same as Brotsky- Mission Craze 2 for my son, and now my daughter. My son killed five deer with that bow and now his little sister has inherited it. Great rig for a kid and a beginner.

Look at the Diamond Infinite Edge. Both my daughter and son have one and they love it! Flings arrows great. It will last them well into young adulthood.

From: sdkhunter
The stinger extreme as mentioned is a great bow that will grow with him - but is a bit larger bow so make sure he can handle it... otherwise the mission hype dtx or diamond edge would be decent bows that would grow with him...

From: Tonybear61
Why limit yourself to compounds?? My kids grew up shooting 20-40 lb recurves before they shot compounds. Infinite draw lengths, increase in poundage as they grow and increase the draw.

From: hammer
Got my son a Bear Cruzer Lite.. Extremely adjustable.. Draw length from 12"-27", weighs close to nothing and I believe draw weight from 5-45lbs ! He loves it and price is reasonable.. Can find it for less than $260 on line....Good luck ...Mike

From: Grubby
My son got a bear apprentice years ago, I set it up for me, sighted it in, adjusted it for him and it shot great. He shot it for several years but he started shooting my back up bow last year. I bought him a recurve a couple of years back and he loves shooting that too. Sports cut into practice time though so he hasn’t hunted with it.

From: Trial153
Take a look at the New Breed spawn. I bought my son it for Christmas. Very nice little bow and super adjustable. No quality difference then there full size offerings..

From: NIson
Have a buddy who bought his son the mission menace so we were checking it out today and at 21" draw the maximum poundage was about 30-35#. That won't cut it with our minimum poundage requirement of 40#. Are most of the adjustable bows the same way or are the ones that have been mentioned different?

From: bdfrd24v

bdfrd24v's Link
Bear cruzer lite will be 39lb at 21" according to their chart.

I have that bow for my son. He's not near that weight yet but it's been good so far.

From: Brotsky
All adjustable bows are like this. The upper end of the draw weight range is always at the longer draw length. Just do a little research and you can see what most bows max poundage will be at specified draw weights. As I posted above the Mission Craze has a max draw weight of around 55 pounds at 21" per their published specs.

From: SBH
Started my twins out on Mission Craze when they were 7, they are still shooting them and will be for a while. My 8 year old has one now too and my 6 year old will get one next year. They are actually a pretty bad ass bow. So easy to adjust as the kids are growing. Good investment assuming you will get 5-7 years out of it for them. I'll sell em when they are ready to step up to a new rig.

From: Lost Arra
Mission Craze for my daughter.

She shot a nice buck in her first bow season. I watched the whole shot opportunity unfold through binoculars from another stand. Most excited I've ever been deer hunting was seeing that fletching zip thru the air.

From: x-man
When I had my shop open, I sold Parker youth bows mostly because you could order the same bow with 30, 40 or 50# limbs. Parker also has a limb trade-in program, where for a nominal fee, they will take your 30# limbs and send you a pair of 40 or 50# limbs.

From: milnrick
Check out the Quest STORM, it's got plenty of adjustment available on draw length, with draw weight spanning 40-60.

From: Tajue17
Stinger X,, we have a few here that shoot them very impressive and very quiet too..

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