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Colorado Unit 25 or 35
Mule Deer
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RX-1 Ultra 20-Mar-18
Forest bows 20-Mar-18
RX-1 Ultra 25-Mar-18
Exhughes2 27-Mar-18
From: RX-1 Ultra
I am headed to Colorado in September this fall for elk. My friend moved out there last year and we are going to pack in and hunt for the week. I am also going to apply for a mule deer tag so I had a tag in case the opportunity presents itself while elk hunting. With the mule deer tag being good for only one unit I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/opinions on which unit would be the better option 25 or 35.

From: Forest bows

From: RX-1 Ultra
Thanks, I'm going to apply this week.

From: Exhughes2
The archery tag for 25 is good for 25 & 26, the 35 tag is good for 35, 36, 45 & 361.

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